Project Location: Sucre, Bolivia
Project Type: Critical Needs
Project Code: BLS0421

Background: Since 2012, Chalice has been partnering with the Levántate Mujer Foundation, run by the Good Shepherd Sisters of Bolivia, to carry out the sponsorship program in two of the capital city's most impoverished and at-risk districts: District Two and District Five.

Project Location: Goa, India
Project Type: Critical Needs
Project Code: IGH0321B

Background: Hardworking Luiza is a 55-year-old single mother living near our site in Goa, India. She has been raising her two children with the income she earns with her own business as a snack vendor.

Project Location: Pinife, Peru
Project Type: Health
Project Code: PPL0221

Background: Eder is a university student who works part-time at the PINIFE sponsor site. He suffered a tragic accident when he slipped and fell backwards down a flight of stairs.

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