UPP1118There are a number of reasons for the current economic hardship being experienced in Ukraine.

David is 15 years old and is sponsored by Chalice through our Mombasa Sponsor Site in Kenya.

Brian is 16 years old and is sponsored through the Chalice Sponsor Site (Saidia) in Gilgil, Kenya.

Chalice critical needs - medical expenses for Saida, BoliviaOn Nov. 2 Saida, a passenger in a car, was injured when the vehicle collided with 2 motorcycle taxis in Yapacani.

HHS0918thumbMany of you will remember Jamesley, one of our sponsored children in Haiti South.

UTT1018thumbIvan, 25, is the brother of 11-year-old Mariya, a sponsored child at our Ternopil Site in Ukraine.

PBP0918thumbVicky worked as a social worker and was a valued member of the staff at our Bulacan Sponsor Site.

BLM1018thumbInocencia is the 46-year-old mother of eight living children (five others have passed away).

Ian is eight years old and is the son of Judith, our Social Worker at our Chalice sponsor site in Meru, Kenya.

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