How Barikisu Went From Fighting Cancer To Studying Nursing

Barikisu is no stranger to being strong. As a cancer survivor who lost her father at a young age, resilience is all she knows.  


She and her siblings were raised by her mother near our Wa site in Ghana. After her father passed away, she was blessed by the support of a wonderful Chalice sponsor.  

But soon, tragedy struck. 

As a young teenager, Barikisu was diagnosed with cancer. Her only option was to head to Accra, Ghana’s capital, for treatment – 700 kilometres away. 

“This was the most difficult moment for her family,” writes Abraham, Wa’s site director, “because the cost of travelling coupled with the treatment, feeding and accommodation was beyond the strength of her mother.” 

But where God has a will, God gives a way. 

Barikisu and her mother applied for support through Chalice’s critical needs fund. And when we say Chalice supporters showed up, we mean they really showed up. 

With the support of our donors, the cost of treatment was completely covered. To top it all off, her sponsor personally covered the travel expenses, cost of food, and some of the medical bills. 

Thanks to this incredible generosity, Barikisu has recovered from cancer, and is back where she belongs: the classroom. 

From there, she plans to channel her experience in hospital into her new goal: becoming a nurse and helping people like her.  

It’s a beautiful full-circle moment, isn’t it?  

Learn more about helping young people like Barikisu through our critical needs fund!  

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A New Stove Makes Natalya’s Day

On top of costly health treatments and trouble finding work, Natalya faced a problem familiar to many parents: a broken gas stove. 

Her family had a wood stove to spare, but it wasn’t good enough.

In comparison to a gas stove, a wood stove is much slower, taking longer to start a fire. Natalya was forced to get up earlier, and didn’t even have enough time to cook breakfast before her children woke up. 

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St. Therese Inspired This Fundraiser for Ukraine

Taking a leaf out of St. Therese’s Little Way, Kristin McCarthy has launched a small fundraiser with big heart. 

Ukraine Flag
Klaire (left) and her mother, Kristin (right), holding a handmade Ukrainian flag

The owner of Kristin McCarthy Designs in Rockwood, Ontario, Kristin has begun making small, woollen Ukrainian flags. She’s selling them and donating the money to a special cause: Chalice’s sites in Ukraine. 

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Noemi: From Sponsored Child to Future Doctor

Noemi is a woman with big plans: becoming a doctor. 

Noemi, future doctor.

She’s studying integral beauty at school, but her sights are set on medicine. Once she’s accepted to university, she’ll work as a stylist to cover her expenses. 

But her success is the result of many years of struggle.  

Her single mother raised her and her four siblings near our Yapacani site in Bolivia. Times were tough. Her mother oversaw their education, but with the whole family living in just a rented room, there wasn’t much room to grow. 

Then a neighbour told the family about the Chalice sponsorship program. 

At the time, they were in a dire economic state. Noemi’s mother quickly approached Chalice’s local office, and enrolled Noemi in the sponsorship program. Noemi was 11 at the time. 

With the help of her generous sponsor, she finished high school with great grades, before moving on to beauty school. University, and becoming a doctor, is her next target.

“It has been 9 years since Chalice financially supports me with food, school supplies…” Noemi writes.  

“I am very grateful to my sponsor for the huge support that she continues to give me and for supporting me to make my dreams come true.” 

Noemi has become an example for others in her community, and loves sharing her experience with the sponsorship program. 

“Chalice is truly a family of people who help children, youth and the elderly, so I thank God and pray for all those people who make it possible for the project to continue,” she writes.  

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Big Changes in Mombasa

The Sisters of St Joseph Mombasa run Chalice’s Mombasa sponsor site, working in the low-income neighborhoods of this coastal city in Kenya. They run three homes for children: the Grandsons of Abraham Rescue Centre, Bakitah Girls Rescue Centre, and the Shanzu Orphanage.  

The Grandsons of Abraham Centre rescues, rehabilitates and educates boys who have lived in dangerous and precarious situations on the streets of Mombasa.  

The Centre desperately needed qualified case workers to support the boys, but the money to pay salaries wasn’t there.

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Sponsorship Makes Safina’s Dreams Come True

For Safina, going to school every day was far from the reality she grew up with. 

Her mom was a single parent who struggled to provide four children with enough to eat, let alone enough money to pay school fees. Teachers, seeing she couldn’t pay, would send Safina home. She often missed school for weeks at a time. 

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Why Corpus Christi?

In a way, says Father Patrick Cosgrove, Corpus Christi has always been part of Chalice’s making.  

“It was there in naissance, in our very name,” he shared in an interview. 

Corpus Christi, also known as the feast of the Body and Blood of Christ, is something Chalice supporters have been hearing a lot about, whether that’s on social media, in our newsletter, or our podcast, Stories from the Table 

Chalice has chosen Corpus Christi weekend, June 18-19, as the new date for most of its child sponsorship appeals in parishes. Child sponsorship appeals are when a deacon or priest gives a talk about Chalice at Mass. The church holding the appeal is sent booklets of children available for sponsorship, which are displayed in a prominent place on the day of the appeal. 

But why Corpus Christi? 

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