A Critical Need Fund saves a nine-year-old child in Paraguay

Nine-year-old Luz Navila is an energetic, happy girl who lives with her family near our Pukavy site in Paraguay. When she was very little, she was diagnosed with Adenotonsillar Hypertrophy- which created an obstruction in her upper airways. Luz Navila spent much of her young life in the hospital.  

Luz Navila’s parents and doctors treated her with antibiotics and natural remedies, but nothing worked. During one of her examinations, she was also diagnosed with Pharyngotonsillitis – an acute infection of the pharynx or tonsils. There was a risk that this could lead to complications to in her kidney and heart.  

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Critical needs funding gives Andriy a healthy heart

Andriy is a 17-year-old student who dreams of becoming a computer engineer. He has faced many challenges in his young life; but, thanks to his sponsor, the generosity of Chalice supporters, and an Italian hospital, he is now in good health.  

Andriy was born with a life-threatening heart condition – his first heart surgery was at four months old. He recovered well and grew up normally, attending biannual check-ups to monitor his condition. When Andriy was seven, a new condition appeared: an aortic valve defect and subaortic stenosis (narrowing of the area under the aortic valve which obstructs blood flow to the heart). He underwent his second open-heart surgery when he was 12, in 2016.  

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Ukranian funds made a family keep on track

Energetic and confident Oleksandr had battled illness and allergies since he was little. He recalls those times been treated differently from the other children in his neighbourhood because of his condition. 

“He wanted, like all children, to walk with friends on the street, play football, eat ice cream,” remembers the Pochaiv sponsor site staff. 

Oleksandr’s mother worked part-time in the village as a choir director, and his father was an electrician. Their salaries were “minimal,” the staff write, “but the family knew how to appreciate what the Lord was giving them everyday.” 

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How sponsorship funds help a mother to build her own house

As a mother who grew up in extreme poverty, Florence doesn’t shy away from truth, even when it’s difficult.  

She was married and by the time she was 33 years old, she was a widow. She and her four young children lived in rural Kenya, near Chalice’s Mikinduri sponsor site.  

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Ninety families got access to heat in Ukraine

Most of the families of sponsored children in the Ternopil sponsor site in Ukraine live in rural areas. Staying warm is a challenge throughout the winter in these areas, and the war has made it worse. These homes are not connected to a gas line and therefor depend on firewood to cook meals and heat their homes during the seven-month long Ukrainian winter. Many houses in rural areas are equipped with old clay furnaces for heating.   

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