COVID-19 disaster relief funds distributed to Chalice sites

Through the generosity of our Canadian supporters, we have been able to send $1,078,517 CAD to help families and communities deal with the hardships faced because of the pandemic. Two major disbursements were made: $951,104 in cash transfers through our Family Funding model plus $127,413 for individual initiatives. This amount does not include the COVID support that was provided through Special Money, Grants, Gift Catalogue, and Critical Needs.

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Chalice Programs

Chalice's main sponsorship model is Family Funding. Over the last few years, Chalice has been moving away from our older benefit disribution model in which the decision-making process was controlled at the sponsor site level. As each family is unique, so are their needs and the Family Funding model supports guardians of sponsored children in order that they can be the main decision-makers in budgeting and spending Chalice sponsorship funds within their family. The key to Family Funding's success is that every month, the sponsored child's guardian meets with their Family Circle (a small community group comprised of other guardians and a Chalice field worker). Each member of the group shares their budget for the upcoming month and reports back to the group on their expenditures for the previous month. Another feature of Family Funding is that every family now has their own bank account where sponsorship funds are deposited. Even though Family Funding is very different from the benefit distribution model, it is a requirement that expenses related to the sponsored child's education be given top priority.

sponsorshipprojectionsOur Family Circles have many benefits. Since peer members hold each other to a high standard, there's an increased level of accountability. The members get to know each other on a personal level, building a sense of friendship and community. An experienced and engaged circle group member can also provide knowledge, skills, and confidence to new families so that they can lift themselves out of extreme poverty. In addition to the knowledge and skills that group members acquire from each other, formal training is also delivered by professionals and site staff on a range of topics, including financial literacy. Some Chalice sites also have programming for elders. There are modifications to the focus of the programming to meet their specific needs. In many cases, the sponsored elders are cared for by Family Circles in their proximity.

Chalice with Circle transparent 2020 logoSponsorship by the Numbers
Fiscal Year 2024 2023 2022
Regions we work in 5 5 5
Countries we work in 13 13 14
Sponsor sites 51 53 52
Sponsored children
Africa 14,180 13,603 13,598
Asia  14,713 15,075 14,747
Haiti 3,373   3,437 3,393
Latin America 11,986  12,725 12,819
Ukraine 4,297  4,347 4,459
Total 48,549 49,187 49,016
Sponsored elder
Africa 60 51 49
Asia 176 189 194
Haiti 0 0 0
Latin America 556 684 611
Ukraine  15 5 7
Total  807 929 861
Grand Total 49,356 50,116 49,877

Demographic Breakdown of Sponsorship



Sponsored Girls

online payment


Sponsored Boys

GC copy


Sponsored Women



Sponsored Men



Sponsored Girls who are in school



Sponsored Boys who are in school

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Families with sponsored children



Sponsored Children and Elder 

Community Projects and Programs

Chalice supports sponsor sites with various types of Community Projects & Programs under the following two categories: Human Development Programs (HDP) and Capital Projects (CP). 

Chalice Community Projects and Programs 2023

Our projects and programs focus on Education and Training, Food Security, Nutrition and Water, Health, and Community Improvements.

projects and programs funding received

Chalice with Circle transparent 2020 logoHousing and school repair projects completed
Fiscal Year 2023-2024 2022-2023 2021-2022
Housing repairs 1 0 2
School Repairs 2 16 6

Housing in India

A lack of adequate housing is a significant issue across many of our Indian sites. Through sponsorship, families are able to meet their daily needs, but not undertake much-needed housing construction or renovations. Since 2021, Chalice sites in India have undertaken housing construction projects that have housed 1,175 people.

Chalice with Circle transparent 2020 logoNew house construction in India
Fiscal Year 2023-2024  2022-2023 2021-2022
Houses built 83 95 44

Chalice with Circle transparent 2020 logoBeneficiaries of new houses in India (2021-2024)
Total Beneficiaries  Children Adults
1,175 664 511

Mangalagiri Housing Project

In 2023, the Mangalagiri site staff have partnered with Chalice to construct houses for 15 selected families in theIn 2023, the Mangalari site staff have partnered with Chalice to construct houses for 15 selected families in the Amaravathi and Khammam communities. There are 52 people among them, including 28 children, and an averageof three to four members per household. More than half of the parents rely on daily labour work, and nine familiesare headed by women.

Download the 2023 Mangalagiri Housing Project

Zero Cavities

To combat the issue of poor oral health, the Tondo site In Manila has been running their “Zero Cavities” program for four years. In that time, the children’s oral health has improved significantly. There were a few setbacks during the pandemic lockdown hiatus, but progress has been steady since it resumed in July 2021.

Dental check-ups and treatments (oral prophylaxis, fluoride application, pit and fissure sealant, restoration, and extraction)
(SPC= sponsored children)

Chalice with Circle transparent 2020 logo
Phase 1 - early 2019 to Feb 2020 
(before the pandemic) 

Completed Procedures 

1352 SPCs, 136 non-SPC (siblings) = 1488 children 

Ongoing Intervention 

509 SPCs, 72 non-SPC (siblings) = 581 children 


2,069 children 


Chalice with Circle transparent 2020 logo Phase 2 - from Feb – Dec 2021 
(frequent changes of lockdown rules by the Philippine government) 

Online Consultations (incl. urgent cases; Feb – Jun 2021) 

54 SPCs 

Completed Procedures (Jul - Dec 2021) 

91 SPCs, 31 non-SPC (siblings) = 122 children 

Dental Home Care (seminars & fluoride application) 

274 non-SPCs 


396 children (including online consults) 

Chalice with Circle transparent 2020 logoContinuation of Phase 2 - from Jan 2022 to Feb 2023  
(lockdown rules are more lenient) 

Completed Procedures 

471 SPCs, 14 non-SPC (siblings) = 485 children 

9 parents of SPCs and 12 staff = 21 adults 

Ongoing Intervention 

1,278 SPCs, 4 non-SPC (siblings) = 1,282 children 

Dental Home Care (seminars & fluoride application) 

827 non-SPCs 


2,594 children & 21 adults 

Chalice with Circle transparent 2020 logoPhase 3 interim results – from March 2023 – Oct 2023  
(program continues through Feb 2024) 

Completed Procedures 

505 SPCs, 13 non-SPC (siblings) = 518 children 

9 parents of SPCs and 11 staff = 20 adults 

Ongoing Intervention 

741 SPCs, three non-SPC (siblings) = 744 children 

Dental Home Care (seminars & fluoride application) 

476 non-SPCs, 224 parents 


1,738 children & 244 adults 

Christmas money
Christmas money donations are sent to sites to pay for a Christmas celebration for the community. Many sites were glad that some public health restrictions had eased, allowing them to have in-person celebrations once again.

A few examples of the ways our sponsor site shared their Christmas funds in 2021

At the Neema site in Songea, Tanzania
In our Neema sponsor site in Tanzania, the staff and families used the Christmas Fund to spread Christmas cheer to the entire community. As a part of this years’ Christmas celebration, they visited a local prison bearing gifts of gumboots and personal hygiene products. They called their gifts “The Bags of Love.”  Back at the Neema sponsor site, the sponsored children, their parents, and elders from the community sat down for a “sumptuous meal.”  The children also received “Bags of Love” with special and practical gifts of umbrellas, mosquito nets and sandals. “It was a wonderful Merry Christmas and joyful celebration” writes Sr Mary-Grace, Neema site director.  “Dear Sponsors, we thank you for making this Christmas day a memorable one for the children, families, the elderly, and those in prison.”

At our Mangalagiri site in India
The children in our Mangalagiri, India, sponsor site always look forward to their annual gathering. They wear new clothes and Christmas caps, share little gifts among themselves, dance, and share a meal. The family circles could not exclude the vulnerable in their communities. The 34 family circles shared items such as dry foods, bedsheets, sarees, blankets, dresses, sweaters, and notebooks with 260 their  neighbours in need. Everyone received food and 100 were invited to a special meal. One family circle supported a sponsored family whose breadwinner had become paralyzed with a supply of dry goods for two months. “We are grateful to all the donors who contributed so generously for our sponsored families to celebrate Christmas in a meaningful way,” writes Sr Maria Rose, site director.

Read our 2023 Christmas Fund Impact Report

Special Money
Special money donations can also be directed to a sponsored child and their family for specific purposes such as birthdays, educational needs, housing repairs, and medical requirements. In the fiscal year 2021-2022, Chalice supporters gave $1,746,241.77 to their child or elder. In 2020-2021, Chalice sent $1,314,892 in Special Money to our sites. These donations from sponsors are also deposited directly into families' bank accounts. For donations above $500, notification is required to provide time for the family to prepare a budget on how their special gift will be used.
Grants to sites
Charitable donations in the form of grant funding can be directed to one of our Chalice sponsor sites, an individual sponsored child or sponsor child's family. This type of charitable gift can be directed without a specific purpose as a general grant or a purpose driven grant. In the 2021-2022 fiscal year, total donated grant funds were $488,439.56. In the 2020-2021 fiscal year, Chalice sent $784,821 in funding to our sites.

A general grant can be gifted to a sponsor site, sponsored child, or sponsored child's family to be used as deemed best by the recipient in order to supplement their income, operating or programming expenses. An example of a general grant could be a grant directed to a sponsor site who uses it to enhance an after-school program or offset transportation costs incurred when transporting special needs children to appointments or off-site events.

A purpose driven grant can be gifted to a sponsor site, sponsor child or sponsored child's family to be used for a previously agreed upon purpose. In most cases a purpose driven grant is a direct result of a previously prepared budget.

An example of this is a grant directed to the sponsor site for the sole purpose of purchasing a braille printer to be used by blind children at the site. A purpose driven grant directed to a specific child may be to fulfill an opportunity for post-secondary education and a purpose driven grant to a sponsor child's family may be directed in response to a budget prepared to replace the dilapidated roof of their family home.

Nutrition Program
Our Chalice Nutrition Program supports activities that promote and improve nutritional health for children (both sponsored and non-sponsored) in sponsor site communities in Central and South America, Haiti, Africa, and Philippines. Programs include both feeding and educational components and most are supported by a nutritionist, either at the site or the regional office level. To ensure each program addresses the unique needs of the community, the program is flexible and allows for many different designs.

Many sites are participating in the Chalice Nutrition Programs. Examples of programs include support to soup kitchens, school feeding programs, distribution of food baskets, community and school gardens, provision of nutritional supplements, deworming, and training of children, parents, and elders on topics related to nutritional health. This year our sponsor sites have encouraged us to expand this successful program & we are hoping to raise a total of $500,000 to continue rolling this out to more schools.

Read the 2023 Nutrition Impact Report.

Chalice with Circle transparent 2020 logoNutrition Programs
Fiscal Year 2022-2023 2021-2022
Meals served 3,962,037 5,152,052 
People fed  42,160 24,256 
Nutrition programs 25 29
Funds sent to each region $512,282 $499,577

Critical Needs
When sites are faced with an extreme or critical situation that is urgent, they may apply for Critical Needs funding. Critical Needs are categorized into three main groups and are used to provide immediate support to individuals or families facing the following types of crises:
1) Grave conditions for which urgent action is required and which, if not urgently addressed, will endanger the life of the individual(s) concerned (e.g. hospitalization and treatment for serious injuries sustained in an accident).
2) Chronic, serious, and/or congenital medical conditions that negatively impact an individual's health and/or quality of life (e.g. corrective surgery required for a child born with cleft palate).
3) Extreme emergency situations that threaten the well-being of a family (e.g. rebuilding a family home that was destroyed in a fire).

In our fiscal year 2023-2024 (Jul 1-Jun 6) Chalice supported 222 critical need emergencies with total funding of $403,574.3
In the fiscal year 2022-2023, Chalice supported 168 critical need emergencies with total funding of $293,695

Chalice with Circle transparent 2020 logo
Total number of year 2024
Month Count Sum
Jul 22 $60,693.54
Aug 30 $53,928.38
Sep 15 $37,083.05
Oct 27 $38,029.25
Nov 25 $40,488.74
Dec 14 $20,700.96
Jan 27 $39,626.84
Feb 18 $28,710.06
Mar 21 $28,006.31
Apr 13 $24,324.09
May 10 $31,983.08
Total 222 $403,574.30

Chalice with Circle transparent 2020 logo
Category of Critical Needs
Category Count
Death 10
Dental 2
Housing 13
Medical 196
Medical and Funeral 1
Grand Total 222

Chalice with Circle transparent 2020 logoCritical Needs
Fiscal Year 2023-2024
(June 6, 2024)
2022-2023 2021-2022
Total of Critical Needs 222  168 124
Total funds sent  $403,574.3 $293,695  $201,397.49
Disaster Relief
Chalice may provide support to communities in countries where we work following larger-scale natural disasters. This differs from Critical Needs, which are smaller in scale and more focused towards individuals and families. Disasters are calamities resulting from such events as hurricanes, floods, drought, earthquakes, landslides, volcanic eruptions, fires, tsunamis, and other natural forces.

Chalice with Circle transparent 2020 logoDisaster relief
Fiscal Year 2022-2023 2021-2022
Number of disaster events 6 12
Funds provided $1,097,791 $2,703,310

In our fiscal year 2022-2023 the total disaster funding provided was $1,097,791.

Read the latest Disaster Fund Impact Report and see how disaster funding helped families in Haiti and Ukraine in the past year.
Gift Catalogue
Every year Chalice invites eligible sponsor sites to apply for additional support through the Gift Catalogue. In our fiscal year 2021-2022 (Jul 1-Jun 30) the total funds raised through the Gift Catalogue were $2,031,508.29.
In the 2019-2020 fiscal year total contributions to the gift catalogue were $1,918,471.00.3yearcontributionsgc 

Eligibility is based on site capacity and performance in financial and operational requirements. Sites are given a list of items they may use to guide their requests. This program benefits both sponsored and non-sponsored children. There is a broad range of categories in the catalogue and sites use this funding opportunity to supplement activities and reach out beyond the sponsorship program. Some examples are: animals (goats, rabbits, and chickens), educational items (books, classroom furniture, and uniforms), health and hygiene (vaccines, toiletries, diapers, and specific medical needs), skills development, small business support, and community infrastructure like water systems and agricultural support.

Read the Christmas Gift Catalogue Impact Report for 2021


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