A Happy Christmas for Everyone!

HO! HO! HO! It is that time of year to get out your Christmas decorations and nativity scenes. This is also a special time of year for Chalice’s Nellore sponsor site in southern India. Site staff love to organize small gatherings for the community to enjoy during the season – everyone looks forward to attending.  

Thanks to everyone who gave to Chalice’s 2022 Christmas fund, the site staff was able to host two Christmas celebrations for the children and parents in the communities they serve. Everyone had a great time, there were a lot of smiles. Christmas celebrations are an important time for the Nellore staff to “spread the message of love and good cheer to the children and their parents.” The children and parents are thankful to experience these events.  


The celebrations began with prayer and song. The children performed creative and well-choreographed dances, poems, skits, and other entertainment for the gathering. They spent a lot of time preparing and practicing. The children focused their play on delivering an important reminder, site staff said: “children gave the message that Christmas is about caring and loving one another and not about gifting.”  

As you can see – they are a highly creative group! “The entire stage was beautifully decorated with balloons and flowers. Children were involved in making the nativity cribs and decorating the premises which brought a festive and happy atmosphere.” They did an excellent job say the staff – and I think we can agree! After the performances, everyone sat down and had a delicious meal together. To top it all off, “Santa Claus, [with] a bag containing gifts and chocolates arrived.” He made sure all the little ones got a chocolate. The children were very excited to see him. 


Site staff were pleased with how the day went, “all the participants were happy and filled with the love, peace, and joy that Christmas offers.” This Christmas, you too can help an event like this one happen by donating to our Christmas fund. Happy Christmas from Chalice’s Nellore sponsor site! 


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