Bicycles for Asembo

Oh what fun it is to ride! Children are reaching destinations and milestones with the help of their new bicycle. Children in our Asembo site, Kenya, are thrilled to have a new way of transportation for students to get to school. You can give a child a bicycle through our gift catalogue. A bike makes the daily trip to school much faster, easier, and safer. A bicycle is a gift that does far more than simply getting from point A to point B.  

Kenya asembo bicycles girls students uniform smile gift catalogue

Staff in our Asembo site know that many children walk long distances to school. When they arrive, they are tired, and not ready to focus in class. They also know a bike can go a long way to help. With a bike, children arrive at school quicker and with more energy to use towards focusing on material and lectures.  

Thanks to everyone who gave a bicycle from our gift catalogue, the Asembo team gave 22 bicycles to students. They are already noticing the ripple effects. The bikes are “helping the sponsored children attend school regularly and arrive on time without fatigue and all set for the day hence high-class attentiveness,” Asembo staff say. “In the long term,” they add, “the bikes will help the children complete their education.”   

Bikes are particularly meaningful gifts for girls. When a female student has a bike, the trip to school is much less intimidating, and their attendance improves. It increases the likelihood of them arriving safely at school, along with an increase in attendance. It is incredible to see young women succeed and feel confident in who they are becoming. Education is valuable for women; it leads to a positive change for themselves and their families.  

“An educated girl has a positive ripple effect on her health, family, community, and society as a whole,” staff say. The girls who received a bike will act as role models in the Asembo community and help encourage the empowerment program.  

By children attending classrooms settings and receiving education, they are more likely to “lead healthier, more productive lives and hence can make independent decisions and are dependent on themselves.” Bikes have great value; they give people more flexibility to live enriched lives within their communities.  

Sr. Mariam, Asembo site director, extends her gratitude to everyone who gave a bicycle through the gift catalogue. “Thank you for sharing your love through the donations,” she says, “and I hope that the Asembo community continues to thrive and grow with the support and care they receive.” 

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