Joy to the world from Kenya

Joy to the world! That heartwarming Christmas feeling is all around us. There is less than a week left until we celebrate the birth of baby Jesus. The holiday spirit is increasing as we slowly get closer. Parents around the world, and at our Mombasa site in Kenya, wish to make Christmas special for their children, friends, and family. Our Mombasa site looks forwards to their holiday cooking and baking. 

We can feel the excitement in the air. People are ready for celebrations and gatherings with loved ones. Site director, Sr. Janefrances, is aware that some families do not feel as excited as they should. Sr. Janefrances knew that the coming of Advent brings some anxiety for the parents in her community. The cost of essential foods, such as corn flour, has sky-rocketed. Parents could not afford the simple ingredients to bake the most popular treats, like chapatis (flatbread) and mandazi (donuts). Baking is one of their traditions that would normally take place. Purchasing the ingredients was becoming out of reach with the rising prices. 

“It is a time to invite friends and relatives to share meals and drinks as they pause to think the love of God to the world,” Sr. Janefrances said. However, families last year did not have the means to invite people over to host. Thankfully, everyone who gave to Chalice’s Christmas fund in 2022, “relieved the parents who were scratching their heads not knowing how they will celebrate with their children.” 

The Christmas fund reduced heavy stress, allowing families to enjoy their time. “Through the Christmas basket sponsored families received four packets of maize flour,” Sr. Jane described. Flour can be used for variety of dishes, it is in almost all baking recipes. Now, they could make their chapatis and mandazi. “They were very happy for that generous support and went to their homes with great Christmas smile.” Delivering these ingredients meant that families could participate in their holiday activities. The families felt a sense of peace and happiness. “The sponsored families from Kikambala community were thankful for the Christmas basket. Receive their warm deep gratitude from their hearts.” It is safe to say, our donors spread tons of joy, and warmed a lot of hearts in Mombasa.  

Everyone was excited to bring home their baskets to share. Mombasa site is thanking each and every donor in a special way for the kind and generous support they have shown to the three communities we work with. Thank you for thinking and trusting us.” Thanks to our donors for lifting up the Christmas spirits.  

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