A gift that will feed six siblings and a single mom

In our Karala sponsor site, high drop-out rates and illiteracy diminish employment and other opportunities in the organized sector. Without employment, families struggle to support their children basic needs.  

India Kerala, Nagarathna and Sevanthi mom family food most needed home smile

Nagarathna and Sevanthi grew up in a family of seven near our Kerala sponsor site. The girls lost their father eight years ago, and their mother Durgamma has worked hard. She faced throughout difficult circumstances to provide for her children.  

“It is a big burden for a woman to take responsibility for a family of five girls and a boy who are aged between 1 to 10 years,” the Kerala site staff say. “The earnings she received from her daily wage were not enough to provide all the children with adequate meals, clothing, and education, and to meet their health needs.”  

Through her two daughters’ Chalice sponsors, Durgamma “experienced the support and care of Chalice through the financial support for the family that is used for nutrition, education, health, and other family needs,” staff say.  

Durgamma was excited to hear that their family would receive the gift of ‘Feed a Family’ through Chalice’s Gift Catalogue. The timing was perfect.  

“Food for the family in this time of sizzling summer, when there is no work in the field and no income for the family. Through this, they received nutritious food which was a big need.” All the children were home from school during the summer holidays, and the pantries were running low.  

The gift of Feed a Family supported Durgamma in feeding her six children. The family is grateful to the donors for helping them when they need it most.  

“They have experienced care in a way that cannot be compared to anything else, and its light is always on their faces.”    

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