Full Arms and Full Hearts for Issahaika’s Family

Issahaika’s family found themselves putting together their grocery list but then having to cross off certain items. They needed to prioritize what was most essential for their family, since they have limited funds. They figured out ways to make do, but often even the necessities were skipped 

Issahaika is 17 years old, which makes him the second oldest of his siblings. His family lives in a brick house with a zinc sheet roof in Ghana. Issahaika was born with a mental disability. Sponsorship is a blessing to his family. It gave them the opportunity to purchase things that would not normally fit into their budget. “The gift was a life saver and was also deeply appreciated by his family,” site staff says. 

Issahaika loves his family, he lives with his parents, two brothers, and two sisters. Having a large family makes things challenging at times, especially when it comes to fulfilling each person’s needs with a limited income. Site director Nicholas says, “children like Issahaika really do have many needs but many of their families are unable to provide all their basic needs.” 

When the family heard Issahaika would be receiving a special gift from his sponsor, they could not wait to make their grocery list. On their list they included: rice, cooking oil, clothing, sugar, and other essentials. These items made a tremendous impact: “In Ghana these days, things are difficult, and families find it difficult to meet their basic needs,” site directed says. 

Issahaika was extremely proud to take arm fulls of groceries, and then some, back to his house. Helping his family meant a lot to Issahaika. He could not wait to see the smile on his family’s face when he returned home with essential items on their list. The entire family was overjoyed with the number of items they were able to buy from this gift. 

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