Roman and his family repaired their house after a rocket explosion in Ukraine

Roman and his family of four live near Belarus. His father is seasonably employed and his mother, Larysa, takes care of the children. Last year, around July, the vulnerable family experienced a rocket explosion in their village– the damage to their home was devastating. The family is grateful to have survived.  

Khrystyna receives crucial physical therapies for her cerebral palsy

Khrystyna, from our Ternopil site in Ukraine, was born with cerebral palsy. Before sponsorship, her parents did everything to cover the therapies required to improve Khrystyna’s mobility.  Khrystyna lives with her father, Vasyl, and her mother, Oksana, who takes care of her daughter full-time. They all live in a tiny rented one-bedroom apartment.  

Critical needs funding gives Andriy a healthy heart

Andriy is a 17-year-old student who dreams of becoming a computer engineer. He has faced many challenges in his young life; but, thanks to his sponsor, the generosity of Chalice supporters, and an Italian hospital, he is now in good health.   Andriy was born with a life-threatening heart condition – his first heart surgery …

Ukranian funds made a family keep on track

Energetic and confident Oleksandr had battled illness and allergies since he was little. He recalls those times been treated differently from the other children in his neighbourhood because of his condition.  “He wanted, like all children, to walk with friends on the street, play football, eat ice cream,” remembers the Pochaiv sponsor site staff.  Oleksandr’s …

Critical Needs help Ilona to return a fulfilling life

Our critical needs fund improves and saves lives around the world. In this case, our friend Ilona in our Pochaiv site, Ukraine, was living a happy and healthy life. When suddenly, the doctor found something concerning at her annual check up.  Ilona’s doctor suspected she had diabetes. But for this condition to appear so suddenly …

Yaroslav Begins Healing From Cancer, Thanks to Chalice Supporters

In his years living near our Ternopil site, Yaroslav and his wife have always had their hands full.  Not only do they have a daughter and granddaughter, but he also worked for years as an assistant to the mayor, while his wife is still a Chalice field worker. In her on-time, she looks after sponsored …

St. Therese Inspired This Fundraiser for Ukraine

Taking a leaf out of St. Therese’s Little Way, Kristin McCarthy has launched a small fundraiser with big heart.  The owner of Kristin McCarthy Designs in Rockwood, Ontario, Kristin has begun making small, woollen Ukrainian flags. She’s selling them and donating the money to a special cause: Chalice’s sites in Ukraine.