Fatima became a great leader thanks to Chalice family circles

Farida learned to be persistent, brave, and grateful during her journey. 

When Farida was a small child, her parents passed away, and she spent some time on the streets until being rescued by a kind family. Although it wasn’t easy, she overcame those difficulties and now she is married with four children and works hard to support her growing family. Farida did not have the opportunity to study, but she promised herself that her children would complete their educations. 

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Borehole well resolves water needs in Ghana

In Ghana, the dry seasons have been longer this year while the fertile rainy seasons have shortened. In rural northern Ghana where Bu Roman Catholic Primary School is located– which is attended by many sponsored students from our Nandom site. Due to its rural location, the school faces many challenges and access to water has been an ongoing issue. 

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Critical Needs help Ilona to return a fulfilling life

Our critical needs fund improves and saves lives around the world. In this case, our friend Ilona in our Pochaiv site, Ukraine, was living a happy and healthy life. When suddenly, the doctor found something concerning at her annual check up. 

Ilona’s doctor suspected she had diabetes. But for this condition to appear so suddenly and progress so rapidly, they needed to send for highly specialized diagnostic tests, some of which come with steep price tags. Unfortunately, the tests confirmed the doctor’s diagnosis.  

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A home for a family in need

A child and their family benefit through sponsorship in many ways. For instance, helping to restore a home. This was the case for Stephen’s family. Stephen is 79 years old and is the guardian of his two young grandchildren. They lived in a house without a proper floor, stable roof, or even a firm foundation – which was a danger for all the family. Furthermore, they lacked food and household necessities.  

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Clean and safe water for Kenya

One of the communities our Meru site in Kenya serves is Kangeta and the population relies on small-scale agriculture and animal husbandry. Unfortunately, the rainfall amount they receive each year classifies the region as “semi-arid.” This leads to water shortages and travel long distances for families in search of water. 

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A joyful reward after a bumpy journey in Kenya

When you “Join My Journey, God transforms your life through love. In today’s featured journey, we learn about compassion, generosity, transformation, hope, and gratitude. This journey wouldn’t be possible without you, the Chalice community, and Chalice in Schools. Because of you, there is hope in our sites. 

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