Kodogo opens a clothing store for her children’s future

Kadogo, a single mother of two lives near our Mombasa site in Kenya, makes the most out of every opportunity to take care of her children.    

Strong and resilient Kadogo went out every day to get laundry work in her neighborhood. That way, she could provide for her children’s needs. Despite her efforts, she struggled to make rent, and their landlord evicted the family. Things were becoming dire, that is until one of her children was sponsored! 

Sponsorship came to Gift’s family

At that time, her second son, Gift, was in grade seven, and was becoming increasingly tempted to drop out of school. Thankfully, staff from Chalice’s Mombasa site met him in the nick of time and Gift was sponsored in 2020.

According to Mombasa site staff, Gift’s sponsors “have stood with Gift’s family since 2020, and the family has seen the hand of God.” Gift stayed in school and thrived. Gift has told them that he “wishes to become a doctor after completing his education in order to assist his family and the community.”

An active member of her family circle, Kadogo learned to budget, save, and spend Gift’s sponsorship funds. Gift’s sponsor also sent gifts of special money – extra funds for Kadogo to use for what Gift and the family needed most. Kadogo slowly and patiently saved toward a dream: her own small business to ensure stability for her family.

Kadogo opens a clothing shop in Kenya

In 2023, Kadogo made that dream happen. She opened a shop where she sells clothing, shoes, and accessories.

“Through her daily efforts and sacrifice, she has managed to support her family in a very big way,” staff say. Gift and Peter eat two balanced meals every day, Peter can pursue his university studies, and she contributes to her family circle’s group savings.

“The family is doing well since both of her sons are in school and doing very well. She is a happy mother.” Kadogo “appreciates Chalice sponsors for the steps her family has made through sponsorship.”

Send your sponsored child special money

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