Asie’s Health Triumphs: Striving for better health

Aise’s mother and father were living every parent’s fear: not being able to feed their kids. Many children at our sponsor sites do not have a healthy diet, resulting in malnutrition, anemia, and other health concerns. Four-year-old Aise needed to improve her health after her nurse was concerned for her wellbeing. Aise relied on Chalice’s Ladles and Love Nutrition Program to reach her health goals. 

Aise is known around the Luis Amigo site as “a very intelligent, smiling girl” who’s always making new friends. She is in pre-kindergarten in the agricultural Andres Girón community of Chalice’s Guatemalan site. 

Most families in Luis Amigo earn their living through cultivating corn, sesame seeds, and cutting firewood. However, changing climate conditions are affecting their harvests, and work opportunities are dwindling.  

Aise’s parents tried their best to make ends meet but since they couldn’t cover their children’s basic needs. They knew they needed assistance.  

Aise entered the program in 2022, referred by the nurse at the community health centre. She was having trouble keeping food down, and it was affecting her development.  

With the support of Chalice donors, the Luis Amigo site set up the Andrés Girón Community Dining Room. For more than ten years, the dining room has served children a balanced diet, helped them restore weight, and improved their nutritional status. Ladles and Love Nutrition Program continues to fill the empty plates for children, like Asie, and provide students a lunch.   

They serve nutritious lunches five days a week to 50 vulnerable boys and girls from the Andrés Girón community.  When needed, the children also received medical attention and dental treatment.  

In the past year, approximately 90% of the children reached a healthy BMI and overcame anemia. These lunches make all the difference in their overall health. 

“Within the program,” site staff say, “Aise benefited from a nutritious lunch accompanied by vegetables and fruits.” They tracked her nutritional progress and were pleased with how well she bloomed. “Aise benefited from health sessions, she was given treatments, and vitamins,” staff say. 

Encouraged by results like Aise’s, and motivated by the needs of new children, the Luis Amigó team is partnering with Chalice to keep the program going. 

The site staff know it’s important to engage and inform the diners’ parents. Aise’s mother and other parents took part in training workshops about nutrition and childcare, which helps prevent relapse. 

“That helped her take better care of the health of her family and that of Aise,” staff say. With such great progress, Aise graduated from the nutrition program. 

Chalice continues to fill more plates at lunch time. You can be a lunch buddy and help more children receive a healthy meal. Click here to read more about our Ladles and Love Nutrition Program.  

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