Lunch buddies fight hunger
Food insecurity, and even famine, is a constant and growing challenge in our sponsor sites all over the world. Crop failure, inflation, unemployment, and conflict are pushing more families into daily hunger.

Chalice’s nutrition programs focus on each country considering its own needs as each community is different. There are school lunch programs, community dining halls, and food hamper deliveries. Interwoven with the meals, there are cooking classes, nutrition education, check-ups, medication, prayer, and fun!

To support these dynamic diners, Chalice is introducing Ladles & Love, a monthly giving program.

For $20/month, you will support a hungry child or elder. Become a Lunch Buddy today and ladle up some love for someone in need.

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Current Nutrition Programs

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Baseco Feeding Program in our Tondo site in Philippines

Baseco is district within Chalice’s Tondo sponsor site. Baseco's community is one of the most depressed urban communities in Manila. Most of the people living in Baseco live in extreme poverty. Malnutrition is widespread among the children and Government programs are not sufficient.  

Tondo’s Chalice-supported feeding program is an immediate response to these issues.

The site is now expanding the program to enfold the needs of Baseco, too. The site can accommodate 500 children at a time. Every enrolled child will receive a healthy meal five times a week. Meals will be nutritionally robust and balanced.

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Love in the Kitchen's Recipes

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Recipe collection inspired by saints, plus 4 recipes from our Love in the Kitchen speakers: Fr. Sammie Maletta, Fr. Leo Patalinghug and Sean Lynn.  

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