School feeding creates lasting impact

In 2014, Pope Francis said, “Educating is an act of love; it is like giving life.” If you get the opportunity to visit a school in one of our sites you know this to be true – the children are so happy and so thankful to be able to learn.

But hungry kids can’t learn. One of the ways that Chalice breaks the barrier hunger places on education is through our Nutrition Fund which provided over four million meals last year!

Surrounded by three slums, Muthaiga Primary School, located near our Baraka site in Kenya, rarely receives funds from the Ministry of Education, which places a real burden on them. The children attending school often came hungry and their academics suffered.

Upon the introduction of a school feeding program, there was a great impact in the performance of pupils at the school and they were recently recognized as the most improved school in Laikipia East Sub County. The school currently feeds all 449 pupils and 13 teachers each day.

The school also receives funds through our School Farming Project which enables them to grow their own vegetables to supplement their school meals.

Parents also make a small contribution to pay for the cook, fuel, and other items needed to make the feeding program a success. They also contribute labor by participating in the school farm for planting, weeding, harvesting, and clearing bushes around the school.

Students care for the crops in the farm and helped plant fruit trees. The community is grateful to the kind donors for their support. May God bless you all!