Break the barriers: Thank you for the gift of hearing

Education is essential to break the cycle of poverty, but children also need to be healthy to be able to learn. Being affected by vision or hearing loss, chronic pain, or mobility problems can severely affect a child’s ability to learn. Donations to Chalice critical needs is one way our supporters help break the barrier poor health can place on a child in need.

Munich, a 17 year old sponsored teenager from our Tondo site in the Philippines, lives with severe mixed hearing loss in both her ears. She had a typical hearing throughout childhood but around the age of 10 her mother noticed that she was having trouble with her hearing. Munich’s family is quite poor. She lives with her parents and seven siblings in the slum and even though it was evident that Munich was in great need of hearing aids to keep up with her school work, a series of unfortunate events befell the family and she didn’t receive the help she needed.

Recognizing that Munich needed hearing aids in order to succeed at school, our site sent in a critical needs request to ask Chalice for help. Thanks to a generous donation of $1,824 CAD, Munich received her hearing aids and can clearly hear her teacher in class and communicate much better with her friends and family. It has greatly improved her quality of life and will make it much easier for her to improve her grades and graduate high school.

Despite her difficulties Munich is a thoughtful teenager who wants to be a chef when she finishes school.

“I feel so very happy. I can now hear clearly because of the hearing device that I am now wearing,” writes Munich in her thank you letter. “I can really hear very clearly now! Since grade three I have difficulty hearing. I am in grade ten now, all these years I couldn’t hear what the teacher was saying in class. At home my mother had to shout loudly for me to hear what she was saying. Thank you for the gift of hearing. I promise to study well in school and improve my grades.”

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