“Special money” refers to any additional funds a sponsor wishes to send to their sponsored child or elder. Many sponsors like to send a little extra gift for special occasions, such as birthdays, Christmas, or Easter. 

Families are also extremely grateful for gifts of special money during times of acute hardship such as drought, conflict, and after natural disasters. These are the times when food insecurity becomes a greater issue in their community. 

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Harrison builds his family’s future, thanks to special money


Harrison is the second son of four children, living with his mother on the family farm in rural Zambia. Now in grade 10, he works hard in school and his favourite subject is science. 

Maybe he is destined to be an Architect, as Harrison was dreaming of being able to build a better house for his family, because their current one was made of mud bricks, and the roof leaked on rainy days. Unfortunately, his parents did not have the means to buy building supplies. 

But, Harrison's very generous Chalice sponsor sent him gifts of special money, which are extra funds in addition to his sponsorship. He started using his special money to buy building supplies, slowly amassing enough cement to start building the strong, sturdy home he dreamed of for his family. 

"Through this funding, he now has so much hope that they will have a decent house," writes the Serenje sponsor site staff. "Harrison and the family are very grateful to Chalice for all the help they have received."

Special Money FAQs

When can I send special money?
Any time!
Something you can consider: if you pay sponsorship fees via credit card or automatic withdrawal, you can contact us and arrange for scheduled gifts of special money to go automatically. For example, if you wanted to send a certain amount to your child for Christmas each year, we could make it an automatic payment, and you don’t have to worry about forgetting!
Your child/elder’s birthday is on the Annual Sponsorship Update you receive every year. If you cannot find it, just contact us!

How do I send special money?
Click here to donate online. You can also use all our other ways to donate.

How much should I send?
There is no amount that is “too small.” The children and their families will deeply appreciate your thoughtfulness.

I want my child to receive a specific gift through my donation (e.g., a bicycle) - how do I do that?
We cannot place restrictions on how your child and their family uses their special money. We must allow them the dignity to choose to purchase, or save, as is best for their present needs. 
However, with close communication and coordination with our local site staff and your child’s family, we can explore the possibility of larger purchases. The site staff can help us determine whether your child would benefit from the gift you have in mind, whether the item would be easily available, and a price point. If you would like to do this, please contact us.

How much of my gift will the child/elder receive?
100% of special money donations go to the child/elder. Chalice does not deduct any amount for administration.

Do I get a tax receipt for gifts of special money?
Yes! You can receive a tax receipt automatically via email, and it will appear on your annual Chalice tax receipt, too.
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