Chalice has been serving children in Ukraine since 1998 in three sites in both rural and urban communities.  Our local partners tell us that Chalice is one of few international charities in their region, because the central government makes charitable work difficult with complex taxation laws.

Ballooning inflation has dramatically increased the costs of necessities such as food and heating. Coupled with high rates of unemployment or under-salaried work, parents have difficulty providing for their families. In the areas where Chalice works, there are high rates of chronic illness and cognitive disabilities such as cerebral palsy and Down syndrome.  Low-income families have little access to quality medical services, because public hospitals are underfunded and ill-equipped.

Through the support of sponsors and donors, Chalice and our local partners focus on:

  1. Education – Ensuring each child completes their education until high school graduation, at a minimum.
  2. Financial inclusion & empowerment for parents – Giving caregivers back their decision-making power for the needs of their families.
  3. Nutrition & household needs – Providing families with fresh produce and staples to ensure their children maintain nutrient-rich, balanced diets. Assistance is also provided to help with the high cost of basic household needs such as heating and simple housewares.  
An Update on our sites in Ukraine


May 16, 2022 - On behalf of all our sponsored children, staff members and families in Ukraine, thank you for your constant support and prayers during this tumultuous time.

With your help, we've raised more than $1.1 million for the Ukraine Regional Assistance Fund. That's enough to give each sponsored child and staff member in Ukraine $241 CAD.

"I must admit that the sponsored families are astounded by the significant Regional Assistance funds, as well as the staff! All are very, very appreciative of the support received!" Luba, director of our Ternopil site wrote in a recent email.

All sites have received the funds, and money has been successfully transferred to our families, both inside and outside the country. There are no reported injuries or deaths to date.

We are still receiving reports from our Ternopil and Lviv sites that families are leaving the country to seek refuge. We have also heard from Luba that families are beginning to return to Ukraine.

With love, we ask you not to call to confirm if your sponsored child has left the country. When we know, one of our staff members will call you directly.

Families at our Lviv site are accessing the money from the Regional Assistance Fund with gratitude, including those who have left the country.

While families are still leaving Ukraine, says Lviv site director Halia, fewer are doing so now. Some families at the site have returned to Ukraine, but most are still abroad, while they wait for the situation to stabilize.

"The staff and sponsored families would like to thank all the sponsors and the Chalice team for help and support. You did not leave us alone with our problems in an extremely scary and difficult time, but as a real family you helped us. May the Lord bless you all," Halia writes.

Pochaiv has a new site director! As Roman is still settling into his new role, we ask our supporters to be patient while we wait for detailed updates from the site. We will share more information as soon as possible.


If you sponsor a child or elder in Ukraine, you can send special money. 

You can do that by either calling us at 1.800.776.6855, or by clicking here. In the section that says 'comments', include your child's code and a note that it's special money, so we know where to send it. 
If you'd like to make a general donation to go to a specific site as a grant, please call 1.800.776.6855.

Unfortunately, our international courier service is not operating in Ukraine at this time. We will be unable to deliver correspondence to the sites until they resume service.

“Every night prayer is said in each of the families for peace in the country and for the safety of the family members who are defending Ukraine,” writes Luba, Ternopil site director. “We thank God for hearing our prayers.”  

Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for our brothers and sisters in Ukraine!

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