Chalice has been serving children in the Philippines since 1999, and is currently working in three sites in both rural and urban communities.

It is difficult for many children to attend school, because public schools are poorly funded and teachers are often under-qualified. The two most urgent issues of children’s health is stunting, which is caused by poor fetal development, and malnutrition. Anemia and dental health are also of major concern. Internal political disruption and civil armed conflict have kept communities in conditions of extreme poverty and prevented large populations of children from attending school. Families in urban settings typically construct their homes in “squatter” conditions, and rural families are very vulnerable to extreme weather and natural disasters, especially typhoons, floods and mudslides.

Through the support of sponsors and donors, Chalice and our local partners focus on:

  1. Education - Ensuring each child completes their education until high school graduation, at a minimum.  Our sites places special emphasis on providing access to education to children of marginalized groups.
  2. Nutrition - Our partners ensure children have balanced, nutrient-rich diets by implementing school feeding programs through the support of the Chalice Nutrition Program.
  3. Resilience - Bolstering parents’ abilities to generate income and take leadership in their communities, as well as building physical infrastructure before and after extreme weather events and natural disasters.
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Output Indicators - October to December 2021
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