Chalice has been working with children and seniors in India since 1996, in 10 sites in both rural and urban communities.

In the areas where Chalice works, many of the children and families are stigmatized due to caste and tribal affiliation, and HIV/AIDS is endemic. Children with disabilities and conflict refugees likewise face discrimination and have poor access to basic public services such as schools and medical facilities. The job market is fiercely competitive, and many parents rely on daily, seasonal labour to earn income. Children are encouraged to drop out of school at an early age in order to find daily wage work. Young women are often discouraged from pursuing post-secondary education and careers in favour of marriage and running a household.

Through the support of sponsors and donors, Chalice and our local partners focus on:

  1. Education – Ensuring each child completes their education until high school graduation, at a minimum.  Our Indian sites places special emphasis on providing access to education to children living with stigma or physical health conditions.
  2. Livelihood- providing capacity-building training for parents, especially women, to assist them in finding work or beginning their own income-generating projects.
  3. Care for the Extremely Vulnerable – Providing adequate care and resources for marginalized people in extreme need, including orphans and individuals living with HIV/AIDS, leprosy, disabilities, and severe social stigmatization.
India Chalice Source Links:
*(1) - UNICEF - Education | UNICEF India
*(2) - UNICEF - Adolescent nutrition | UNICEF India
*(3) - WORLDBANK - Skilling India (

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