Chalice has been serving children and seniors in Bolivia since 2004 in 7 sites in both rural and urban communities.  Our local partners tell us that Chalice is unique in the regions we serve because we dedicate more resources to supporting families at every level.

Children in Bolivia are vulnerable to discrimination towards indigenous populations and languages . Families face high rates of unemployment and/or under-salaried jobs.  In the communities where Chalice works, there is very poor access to public services such as water, electricity, and transportation.

Through the support of sponsors and donors, Chalice and our local partners focus on:
  1. Education – Bolivia sees high rates of children dropping out of school to find work. Chalice places emphasis on after-school support programming to keep children in school.
  2. Nutrition – our partners ensure children have balanced, nutrient –rich diets by implementing school feeding programs through the support of the Chalice Children Nutrition Program.
  3. Inclusion of marginalized communities – Parents and seniors involved in Family Circles benefit equally from the sponsorship program’s  funding, capacity building, and opportunities.



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Our sites in Bolivia:

Amanecer – Chalice has partnered with Amanecer Foundation in the city of Cochabamba since 2004. The site is directed by Sis. Mirtha R. Moya Zorrilla and her congregation of the Sisters of the Daughters of St Vincent de Paul.  Amanecer site supports children, adolescents, women and babies, who have been mistreated, abandoned, and live on the streets. Most children live in one of five different houses for at-risk children, and some with their families. The children at the Amanecer Homes help in the vegetable gardens and orchards.  The Chalice Children Nutrition Program supports them with nutritious foods at the schools and homes.

Asociacion de Sindrome de Down Cochabamba (ASDC)    - ASDC is support centre for children with Down syndrome directed by Verónica Domínguez Veizaga in the city of Cochabamba.    In addition to sponsorship, the site provides physiotherapy, rehabilitation, vision, speech, and music therapy for the children. It also offers psychological support for the children and their families, and an employment program for adults with Down syndrome.

Fatima    - Chalice has partnered with Our Lady of Fatima Parish, in the city of Cochabamba, since 2010. The site is directed by Fr. Jesús Osorno and overseas both sponsored children and seniors. The Parish is located in District Nine, which is the biggest, most populated, poorest, and most violent district in this city. In addition to sponsorship, the site provides special programming for seniors, four soup kitchens, and an after-school support program. The Chalice Children Nutrition Program supports them with nutritious foods at the schools and homes.

Guadalupe – Chalice has partnered with the Fundacion Familia Solidaridad y Desarrollo in the urban communities of Huayllani and 23 de Marzo since 2009. Despite the fact that the communities are within the city limits of La Paz, inhabitants of these communities face extreme poverty and isolation from the services and economic activities of the city. Juan Carlos Durán oversees the sponsorship program. In addition to sponsorship, the site provides workshops on hygiene, disease prevention, nutrition, community leadership, and domestic violence.

Levantate – Mujer – Chalice has partnered with the Levántate Mujer (“Women Rise”) Foundation in the city of Sucre since 2012. The site is directed by Ximena Barrientos and the Congregation of the Good Shepherd’s Sisters. In addition to sponsorship, the site offers tutoring services and programs for children around health, basic hygiene and nutrition, and the children receive small personal hygiene kits. The site provides families with education and training in human and child rights advocacy and finance.  There are support programs for families affected or infected by HIV/AIDS, survivors of human trafficking and sexual and domestic violence.

PENNT -  Chalice has partnered with the Fundación Arquidiocesana Creando Oportunidades (FACO) in the city of Cochabamba since 2006. Directed by José Luis Beltrán, PENNT spans four locations, placing special attention on encouraging children to remain in school that would otherwise drop out to find work to support their families. With this goal, the site provides an after school and daily meal program, and runs four soup kitchens. Site staff also offers workshops on health, hygiene, and family and community issues.

Yapacani- Chalice has partnered with the Silesian congregation of the rural town of Yapacani since 2004. Site Director Padre Arturo Bergamasco oversees sponsorship of children across 18 rural communities who have access only to a few grades of primary school. The site runs a dormitory in the town, where the older youth are able to finish their secondary education and learn technical trades. The site also works with seniors who live in impoverished conditions and runs a community centre and soup kitchen for the seniors.  The Chalice Children Nutrition Program supports them with nutritious foods for their meal programs. The site offers workshops for families on topics of health and livelihood skills-building.

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