Chalice has been serving children and seniors in Bolivia since 2004 in 7 sites, both in rural and urban communities. Our local partners tell us that Chalice is unique in the regions we serve because we dedicate more resources to supporting families at every level.

Children in Bolivia are vulnerable to discrimination towards indigenous populations and languages. Families face high rates of unemployment and/or under-salaried jobs. In the communities where Chalice works, there is very poor access to public services such as water, electricity, and transportation.

Through the support of sponsors and donors, Chalice and our local partners focus on:

  1. Education â€“ Bolivia sees high rates of children dropping out of school to find work. Chalice places emphasis on after-school support programming to keep children in school.
  2. Nutrition â€“ our partners ensure children have balanced, nutrient-rich diets by implementing school feeding programs through the support of the Chalice Nutrition Program.
  3. Inclusion of marginalized communities â€“ Parents and seniors involved in family circles benefit equally from the sponsorship program’s funding, capacity building, and opportunities.

Output Indicators - October to December 2021
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Read the most recent reports on work being done at our sites in Bolivia by clicking on a photo.

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