Each child's potential is like a seed, waiting for the chance to sprout. For children living in poverty, growing towards the light of a hopeful future can be a constant struggle.

Sponsorship and many of our other programs are designed to help grow children's futures through education. Children who attend school have the chance to discover their passions, achieve excellence, and strive towards a future after graduation brimming with possibilities.

Help grow the future of a precious child by offering the gift of sponsorship, or by supporting our other initiatives that nurture education within communities.


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Success Story: Maribel's motivation shines bright thanks to sponsorship

Chalice grow futuresMaribel, from our Samar site in the Philippines, is a shining example of how sponsorship can change a child's future for the better. When Maribel was sponsored, her parents were able to afford to keep her and hre six siblings enrolled in school.

Over the years, Maribel was able to discover her passions in the classroom. She loves studying society and human rights, and hopes to become a teacher so that she can use some of her salary to help her parents and others in need in the community. She's graduating this year, and can't wait to start achieving her dreams!

Her mom, Wilma, is very proud of Maribel's academic accomplishments. Maribel says that each letter she receives from her sponsors makes her feel overwhelmed with excitement and motivation to succeed. "I know they are always there for me," she smiles. She wants her sponsors to know that she is praying for them, and that she is determined to return the generosity she's received by doing good works for others.
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