Project Location: Tondo, Philippines
Project Code: HDPPTT1023

Baseco is district within Chalice’s Tondo sponsor site. Our site is managed by Bless the Children Foundation based in Manila. The organization is deeply involved with impoverished and stigmatized mothers and children of Tondo and Baseco.

Project Location: Goa, India
Project Code: CP IGH1222

In our Goa site, many families of sponsored children live in unsafe, temporary houses. Their living conditions are unsanitary, and there is often pollution in the environment.

Project Location: Haiti North, Haiti
Project Code: HDP HHN0923

Our staff reports that most Haitian families are struggling daily to survive. The unprecedented high inflation rates are pushing everyone to the “brink of famine.”

Project Location: Cochabamba, Bolivia
Project Code: CP BAA0922

Our Amanecer site is home to 75 school-aged students who live youth homes because they are unable to live with their families. In this digital era, they struggle to do their schoolwork because they don't have access to enough computers.

Project Location: Luis Amigó, Guatemala
Project Code: HDP GLA1023

Many families in our Luis Amigó site are food insecure. This places many children, especially the youngest, at risk for malnutrition and anemia, as well as the consequences they can have on a child's healthy development.

Project Location: CMAVIL, Paraguay
Project Code: HDP PCV102

Many women lack employment skills and people with disabilities face added barriers to meaningful work. As part of its sponsorship activities, the CMAVIL sponsor site staff prioritize providing skills and entrepreneurship training for mothers.

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