Youth Entrepreneurship Conference offers possibilities in Kenya

The Nairobi site in Kenya has close to 700 hundred sponsored children. They focus on improving the quality of their nutrition, health, and hygiene.  

The site is full of brilliant young innovators that want to start their own businesses. Recognizing their potential, the site hosted a Youth Entrepreneurship Conference. The conferences started in 2019, where young people share ideas and experiences. Additionally, they take part in training sessions and support one another succeed.

Kenya Nairobi business Conference group staff
Youth Entrepreneurship Conference In Nairobi, Kenya

“It is also an opportunity to provide youths with sustainable entrepreneurial and business management skills.” writes Edwin, Nairobi site director.

The theme this year was ‘Agribusiness for economic sustainability among the youth’, where more than 85 future-entrepreneurs came from all over Kenya. Many of whom were Chalice sponsored children.

Starting with a prayer, the youth then listened to experts, asked questions, and shared ideas. They heard the success stories of other young people who successfully grew small businesses from their start in the Chalice program.

The experts guided them through sessions about financial management, the seed capital funding available through federal programs, and agribusiness fundamentals.

Before the conference, more than 30 participants applied to pitch their business ideas for the Youth Fund, a capital fund supported through the Nairobi site in partnership with federal programs. Four young business-hopefuls got to make their pitch. The site staff will work with them as they continue to secure funding and make their dreams a reality.

“Nairobi site is committed to working with youths through their entrepreneurial growth each year,” Edwin writes.

The site offers it’s sincere thanks to all the donors and sponsors who helped improve the lives of these young adults. All the support and encouragement they’ve received has given them confidence about their future.  

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