Ukranian funds made a family keep on track

Energetic and confident Oleksandr had battled illness and allergies since he was little. He recalls those times been treated differently from the other children in his neighbourhood because of his condition. 

“He wanted, like all children, to walk with friends on the street, play football, eat ice cream,” remembers the Pochaiv sponsor site staff. 

Oleksandr’s mother worked part-time in the village as a choir director, and his father was an electrician. Their salaries were “minimal,” the staff write, “but the family knew how to appreciate what the Lord was giving them everyday.” 

A generous sponsor came to Oleksandr’s life

As soon as a sponsor sponsored Oleksandr, “the family’s life began to improve.” He could begin going to the doctor on a regular basis, and eventually his nearly ongoing sickness stopped. 

Now Oleksandr is in grade six and doing what he always wanted to do – play football with the school’s team. When he grows up, he’d like to be a police officer. 

Oleksandr studies online from home, but unfortunately, because of the conflict with Russia, power outages are frequent. Blackouts occur 8-12 hours every day. The power grid uncertainty makes it dicey to use his computer, since the unstable voltage could make his device fail. Thankfully, the Pochaiv site office provided the family with a voltage stabilizer – which has ensured that Oleksandr and his brother Oleg can join their online classes, and get their school work done.  

“Such an act of support for the family is valuable, because now, in such a difficult time, it was not possible to purchase this,” the site staff say, grateful that they could help in a little way. 

“The family is grateful to Chalice for helping to cope with everyday difficulties at such a difficult war time,” writes the Pochaiv site staff. “And, as always, they appreciate everything that the Lord sends to them.” 

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