Faith and Hope keeps spirits up in our Pochaiv site, Ukraine

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine is taking an unimaginable toll on the children and families in our sponsor sites. But our Pochaiv site director, Roman, still sees the hand of God at work. 

Despite all this horror,” he observes, “we work, we share material help, prayer, kind words, acts of mercy and love all the time, all the time for our sponsored children, who probably need it all the most in this difficult time.” 

Foremost, he sees God’s mercy in their lives is through everyone who donated to Chalice’s Ukraine Regional Assistance fund. Through this emergency relief fund, every sponsored child received an extra sum in their sponsorship bank account. In a period of extremely high unemployment and a cost-of-living crisis, the families welcomed these additional resources with great relief and joy. 

 “Namely, these are medicines for children with chronic diseases, blankets and warm clothes, electric chargers for when electricity is cut off, candles and food,” which, Roman adds, “have doubled or even tripled in price.” 

“We sincerely thank you for every cent of help, for every open heart full of love for the troubles of Ukraine, for every family and for the most precious – our children. The lights lit by your kindness in their eyes give faith and hope for a bright future.”  

“We sincerely thank you once again, from the bottom of our hearts, for all the love, kindness and for constantly finding the opportunity to financially help cope with the life needs of those who need it most.”  

You can still support more families through our Ukraine Regional Assistance fund.