A home for a family in need

A child and their family benefit through sponsorship in many ways. For instance, helping to restore a home. This was the case for Stephen’s family. Stephen is 79 years old and is the guardian of his two young grandchildren. They lived in a house without a proper floor, stable roof, or even a firm foundation – which was a danger for all the family. Furthermore, they lacked food and household necessities.  

Fortunately, a kind sponsor chose Ezra, one of Stephen’s grandsons for sponsorship. The Mikinduri site family circle immediately provided the family with food supplies.  

The site also created a reconstruction plan for the house, with a three-roomed building and iron sheet roofing.   

Generous Chalice supporters responded to their request for assistance, and the renovations were soon underway. Last summer, Stephen and his grandchildren moved into their beautiful and modern house.

“A single ‘thank you’ is not enough,” says Stephen, “maybe we should say it a million times for it to be meaningful.”

“Together with my two grandsons, we are extremely appreciative of your generous love and support, thank you for allowing me to age gracefully, am promise you my unending prayers to everyone who made this a reality, God bless you”.

The Mikinduri sponsor site staff also extend their gratitude for the opportunity to bring about such a transformation. “As a site, we are very grateful for your unwavering support to our Sponsored families,” writes Caroline, Mikinduri site director. “May God bless you with long healthy lives so that you can impact and change more lives.”    

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