Yaroslav Begins Healing From Cancer, Thanks to Chalice Supporters

In his years living near our Ternopil site, Yaroslav and his wife have always had their hands full. 

Not only do they have a daughter and granddaughter, but he also worked for years as an assistant to the mayor, while his wife is still a Chalice field worker. In her on-time, she looks after sponsored children, and in her off time, she takes care of homeless animals. 

In June of 2020, Yaroslav was preparing to retire — when he began experiencing pain. At the regional cancer clinic, the local oncologist diagnosed him with prostate cancer, bone lesions, inflammation across his lower body, gallstones, bile duct stones, and trouble with his pancreas and bladder. 

It was a laundry list of problems with a laundry list of solutions. He was prescribed chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and, a year later, 10 sessions of medication administered through his veins.  

By January 2022, the rates on his prostate cancer indicators jumped, showing rapid disease progression. His doctor recommended Yaroslav undergoes another round of chemotherapy, the first of which went well. 

In two days, however, he was hospitalized. 

Yaroslav needed at least two more rounds of chemotherapy, far beyond his humble budget.  

But where you meet a dead end in life, God’s grace is often waiting.  

With the help of Chalice donors and our critical needs fund, Yaroslav’s treatment was fully supported. 

“Your donation has become my salvation,” Yaroslav writes in a letter to Chalice donors. 

“After the course of treatment, I have been feeling better and my test results have considerably improved.”  

“I am grateful to God for sympathetic people like you. Thank you very much for your help.”