3 Ways Your Sponsorship Can Help the Elderly

You know how it goes: you sponsor a child until they reach adulthood, and then they go off to have a successful career.  

But what happens when you were never sponsored as a child? If the program never reached your area, or simply didn’t exist? 

For someone like Celsa, it meant she lived in a home without a proper floor, stable roof, or even a firm foundation (the home was made of plywood).  

Fortunately, a kind sponsor chose her as part of Chalice’s elder sponsorship program out of our Don Bosco site in Paraguay. 

Here are three ways sponsorship has changed her life: 

#1 Her basic needs are met 

Celsa is long-retired and relies on support from her Chalice sponsors to get by. Her sponsors are more than happy to help her out. Since her children don’t always have steady work, either, her Chalice sponsors are an extra blessing.

#2 She corresponds regularly with her sponsors 

Like many Chalice sponsors, Celsa’s correspond regularly with her, asking for updates about her life. It was through these letters, in fact, that she let them know about her biggest dream. Which brings us to… 

#3 She has a new home 

Her sponsors offered financial support, so that Celsa could build a home that would allow her to live the rest of her life comfortably. Thanks to them, she’s now settled into her house!  

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