One Family, Double the Entrepreneurs

Coming from an entrepreneurial family, it’s no surprise Yosebu ended up running a business of his own. 

But let’s rewind. He lives near our Mangalagiri site in India, and has two brothers and one sister. Growing up, times were tough. Yosebu’s father struggled to support all his children, so his daughter’s generous Chalice sponsor became a blessing.  

Life began to improve, and the family’s basic needs were met. Yosebu’s brother, Solomon Raj, became a mechanic. The Chalice gift catalogue set him up with what he needed to open his own shop, and he’s doing well.  

While his brother was finding success, a dream of his own budded in Yosebu’s heart. More than anything, he wanted to open his own salon.  

The family put some of the money received through family funding into Yosebu’s business, and he used it to give his salon a makeover. He’s purchased new chairs and glass windows to pretty up the shop, and with the salon’s position near a main road, plenty of customers come to him for haircuts.  

“He is very happy and grateful to God as he can live on his own and support his father and other family members,” site staff write.  

Today, the entire family is well-settled.  

To help families succeed, the staff say, we need to touch their hearts first.  

“The God-given talents are within them but they need a little touch of encouragement, appreciation, and motivation,” they write.  

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