Photo Friday: Our top 5 ‘Joy of Winter’ photos!

Welcome to Photo Friday! Each Friday, we share photo collections of our favourite shots from our sponsor sites around the world. 

Winds are biting at your face, while your feet are covered in slush. It’s time to put on your gloves, step out the door, and own up to the truth: winter is coming. 

But never fear! Winter is actually a time of joy, togetherness and laughter. This week, our top 5 ‘Joy of Winter’ photos celebrate what a beautiful time of year the frostiest season is.  

#5: Playtime

What’s better than playing outside in the snow with friends? Okay, if your response is, “Literally anything else”, then maybe this blog’s not for you. Everyone else: there’s nothing more joyful than seeing kids having a blast during winter.  

#4: Fierce Fire

Cozy fires in winter can brighten up a whole home – but for those, you’ll need firewood. In countries like Canada and Ukraine, we know you sometimes have to order a whole batch in preparation for winter.  

#3: Cozy Clothes

Another fun thing about winter is the cozy clothes you get to wear. The sensation of snuggling into a warm coat makes all the cold and snow worth it…well, most of the time. 

#2: Cute Cats

Cats are basically made for the winter, because their fur coats are finally warming them up, instead of making them sweat. Normally, we don’t recommend bringing your cat into the snow…but maybe this one likes it? 

#1: A Musical Moment

With winter comes Christmas, and Olena here taking a turn on the violin. Christmas, and all the musical joys that come with it, is one reason to always look forward to winter. 

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