Sirilia Gives Her Family a Home

Tucking children into bed, folding tasty ingredients into a sauce on the stove, and having a quiet spot to relax with a cup of tea – these are just a few things moms love about having their own home.  

Sadly, for many living at and near our Haiti North site, stable shelter isn’t always a reality.  

Where Sirilia lives, agriculture production is a main source of income for families, and she even writes that their lives “depend” on it. But in recent times, the area has seen long periods of drought. Many crops were lost, and supporting her family became difficult.  

Yet still, hope bloomed when two of her children entered the sponsorship program, a steppingstone to a better life for the family. 

Their Chalice sponsors have helped support the siblings’ education, and the family also receives food through a sponsorship fund. Sirilia has even been a little creative to make life even better for her family. 

Whenever food came in, she sold a small amount, saving the money to one day purchase her own piece of land. 

Eventually, that day came. Sirilia bought land, and through family funding, has her own savings book for the first time. She also began saving for construction materials so she could build a small house for the family. 

She’s currently building a three-bedroom house for her family, with two bedrooms already completed.  

“It’s not over yet, there is some work left to be done to complete the house, but, essentially the family can be housed in it’s own house and we are so proud to live in our own house,” Sirilia writes. 

Without Chalice and sponsorship, she continues, it wouldn’t have been possible for her family to achieve this “great feat.” 

“My family and I are very happy to thank Chalice and her sponsors for helping us improve our living condition through sponsorship,” she writes.

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