Photo Friday: Our top 5 “sisters” photos!

Welcome to Photo Friday! Each Friday, we share photo collections of our favourite shots from our sponsor sites around the world.

Earlier this month, we celebrated International Day of Human Fraternity by sharing our top 5 “brothers” photos! Now, we’re following up with our top 5 “sisters” photos to remind us of Pope Francis’s wise words; we are all brothers and sisters, “born of the same Father.”

The bond between brothers, sisters, and siblings at our sites are special. They truly know each other’s joys and sorrows, and how to comfort and care for one another like no other. We love watching siblings grow closer through the loving support of their families, our site, sponsorship, and the surrounding community. It’s incredible to see sibling relationships deepen and flourish when families have what they need to thrive!

#5: Jennylyn and Jeanalyn

Jennylyn and her twin sister Jeanalyn are 21 years old. Jennylyn has been sponsored since 2005, and is now studying to become an elementary school teacher! These strikingly similar twins are so close that Jeanalyn decided to study in the exact same program! They graduated at the same time and are now applying for teaching positions. They’re both so grateful for the support of sponsorship for allowing them to pursue their dreams together.

#4: Mydhili and Manisha

Mydhili and Manisha from our Mangalagiri site in India are positively pretty in pink! Mydhili is in grade two, while her younger sister Manisha is in kindergarten. Both girls have Chalice sponsors, which has been a great relief for their hard-working parents. Recently, thanks to a kind gift catalogue donation, their father was able to grow his small mechanics business and doubled his income. He built a latrine for his family with the extra earnings!

#2: Marta and Khrystyna

Marta and Khrystyna live with their mother, Olha, near our Pochaiv site in Ukraine. These adorable sisters received the gift of new school supplies through generous donations to our gift catalogue! Most schools in Ukraine are severely underfunded, so the burden to provide books and classroom supplies falls on parents. This is a large expense for struggling or low income families, so the gift of school supplies can make a huge difference. We think these sisters will look extra sweet with their new matching school bags.

#2: Juliet and Julianne

Twin sisters Juliet and Julianne from our Serenje site in Zambia are 16 years old and in grade 10. Their cousin, Elizabeth, is 21. All three girls are sponsored through Chalice and are thriving in their studies! Juliet and Julianne’s mother, Josephine, has seven surviving children, and cares for two orphaned neighbour children. She’s also often the caregiver for her five grandchildren.

To support all of these young minds, Josephine and her husband run a farm. Josephine then sells the vegetables in a road-side stall. She also attends training with Chalice for goat rearing, child care, and small business management! Juliet and Julianne are lucky to have such an amazing woman serving as an inspiration and role model!

#1: Fernanda and Kiara

Sponsored sisters Fernanda and Kiara are from our Arica site in Chile. There weren’t enough beds for everyone in their household, so multiple people had to share. The sisters were so excited to receive the gift of a bunk bed through our gift catalogue! Now, they each have their own mattress and can get a restful sleep each night before school.

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