Jamesley knows no limits

The first thing you notice about Jamesley is the huge smile beaming from his face. Once you get to know him you would also find out that he is a very smart and funny boy, likes school, is very patient and his love for goats is second to none.

A sponsored boy from Haiti, Jamesley was born with a spinal cord deformation which left him unable to walk. He was first referred to a surgeon back in 2010 but the appointment never took place due to the devastating earthquake and the resulting destruction of the hospital in Port-au-Prince. Tragically, his father was killed during the earthquake.

A courageous and determined young man, Jamesley touched the heart of a Chalice supporter during a visit in 2015. The supporter became Jamesley’s sponsor and raised funds to cover his first surgery. Thanks to a great surgical team and many prayers, the surgery was a success and Jamesley quickly made wonderful progress, moving around with the assistance of walking aids.

“Jamesley is laid back and studious,” describes Br. Marcelin, site director for Haiti South. “When you meet him you understand that he really has no problem living his life despite his condition.”

Now Eleven years old Jamesley is still smiling bright, enjoys playing soccer with his friends and is doing well in school. He moves quickly and shows great agility with his crutches. Over the past five years he had funds raised for him to return to Port-au-Prince to be fitted with a hip brace and then receive physiotherapy, and then he was fitted and purchased a new brace in 2016. This past year he was found to be anemic so once again thanks to the generosity of our supporters, funds were raised to provide a special diet for a year to treat this condition.

An inspiration to us all, Jamesley breaks the barriers every day because he only sees his ability and lets nothing hold him back.