Photo Friday: Our top 5 “essential worker” photos

Welcome to Photo Friday! Each Friday, we share photo collections of our favourite shots from our sponsor sites around the world.

It’s almost the Labour Day long weekend! For many, this signals the end of summer, but Labour Day is also an important date. This annual holiday celebrates the achievements of workers! It’s also a time to recognize and celebrate the labour union movement, and rights and safety for workers everywhere.

This week, we’re sharing our top 5 “essential workers” photos from our sites. These shots feature all sorts of workers in various important roles. Parents, site staff, and former sponsored children all have an essential part to play in their communities!

#5: Medical monitoring

Elien is the main scientist and lab technician in Grand-Bassin’s medical clinic, located near our Haiti North site. He performs tests that help diagnose, monitor and treat conditions of patients in the community. Without him, children and families would be unable to receive essential medical care needed to prevent serious illnesses. Way to go, Elien!

#4: A fruitful career

Isaac is the agriculture teacher at Lukala school in Tanzania. Chalice has supported the school since 2009 through farming and nutrition initiatives. Thanks to the school farm and lunch program, students are able to stay in school until evening for their classes because they have enough to eat to get them through the day. Great job, Isaac, staff, and donors!

#3: Terrific teamwork

Kavitha from our Madurai site in India survived polio, and is now unable to walk on her own. She lives with her older brother, and used to have to depend on him fully for her livelihood. Thanks to a kind donation, she received the gift of a vendor cart through our catalogue, and was able to set up a small storefront selling candies and other goods. She runs the store with her brother, who also works as a tailor. What a great team!

#2: Mechanic moving forward

Odiek was raised by his grandmother, and grew up in poverty. When Odiek was sponsored, he was able to attend school and catch up on classes. After he graduated, he pursued a course in driving cars. He later went on to join a car mechanics program, and will graduate in 2021. He dreams of owning and operating his own garage after he completes his studies! He’s very grateful to his sponsors for the continued support for his education.

#1: Heroes in care homes

Maribel was born and raised in La Paz, Bolivia where our Guadalupe site is based. She had the opportunity attend university through our Hope for My Future program. She’s now working in a long-term care home making schedules and overseeing administration. Her greatest passion is cooking; she’s often seen in the kitchen preparing meals and snacks for the residents. How thoughtful!

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