Overcoming all obstacles: Paul is a doctor

Through hard work, faith, determination and the support of his Chalice sponsors, Paul is a now a general practitioner after finishing his training as an intern medical doctor in one of the busiest public hospitals in Kenya. The hospital serves more than 5,000 patients from northern Kenya every month in the wards and clinics, and was a wonderful place for Paul to perfect his skills. He worked hard each day giving back to the community, rejoicing after each treated patient went home smiling. “This wouldn’t have been possible were it not for Chalice,” says Paul.

Paul was born during a time of political transition and tribal clashes in Kenya. His family lost everything they owned during the conflict, and then tragically, his father passed away. His mother worked as a casual laborer on a neighbour’s farm for less than a dollar a day to feed her seven children. Paul and his siblings knew they had to work hard in school to create a brighter future for their family.

Paul has always studied hard and worked diligently in school. His family was ecstatic when Paul earned a spot at Starehe Boys’ Centre in Nairobi, and felt even more blessed when he was chosen by his first Chalice sponsor. Thanks to his sponsor, Paul’s school fees were paid. Our nutrition program also provided fresh milk and eggs to the students. At school, Paul benefited from access to computers. He was so excited to access a library for the first time in his life! He loved school activities such as scouting, camping, swimming, and basketball.

As excited as he was to be accepted into the Medicine and Surgery degree program at the University of Nairobi, he was filled with uncertainty because he didn’t know how he was going to pay for it. He received an answer to his prayers through a new $4500 school funding program supported by Chalice donors. This financial support, in addition to sponsorship funds, allowed him to enter university.

Paul could now let himself envision treating patients and promoting health care in his community. It was crystal clear that the only difference between himself and someone who could give back to the community with justice, zeal and care was the time he would spend studying medicine. When he was finishing his studies at Starehe, he received a new sponsor who helped him through his university studies for which he is very grateful.

Paul joined the university and studied hard. His first sponsorship donation payment through family funding (our sponsorship model where funds are deposited directly into the recipient’s bank account) enabled him to pay fees and accommodations, and purchase stationery, study aids and other necessities. He maintained good marks, volunteered at the Nairobi Hospital, and fulfilled the minimum work experience required to graduate with distinction.

Paul credits his success to God and to his Chalice sponsors who took his hand and helped him cross over from poverty to prosperity.