Photo Friday: Our top 5 peaceful photos

Welcome to our fourth Photo Friday! Each Friday, we share photo collections of our absolute favourite shots from our sponsor sites around the world.

Even during the most busy and stressful times, it’s important to practice mindfulness, prayer, and relaxation. This week, we’re sharing our top 5 peaceful photos that we’ve gathered from our sites. Take a deep breath, relax, and let these serene photos fill you with gentle peace.

#5: A boundless blue sky

This stunning shot is from our Leventate Mujer site in Bolivia. Llamas, alpacas, and other livestock are commonly kept by farming families in Bolivia for their valuable wool, which can be woven into garments. This woman, baby, and her animals all seem to be enjoying the beautiful blue sky and light, airy clouds on this sunny day.

#4: Fields of green

In rural areas of India, many women make a living by growing and collecting herbs, jasmine flowers, and other spices used for cooking. These two women from our Nellore site are tenderly caring for their crops on a quiet morning. The rolling fields are such a pleasant shade of summer green!

#3: Sunset smiles

In November 2018, a team of Chalice staff and volunteers traveled to our Haiti North site for a medical mission trip. Upon their arrival, the entire community was there to welcome and honour their special guests! This warm photo taken at sunset captures the loving smiles of some of the townspeople. It looks like such a welcoming and calming evening.

#3: Tender little trees

Trees and seedlings are a popular gift through our gift catalogue. Some trees provide delicious fruit, while others provide beauty, shade, and protection from the wind. Students from our Pochaiv site in Ukraine are carefully planting seedlings in front of their school which will grow into strong, sturdy trees! The gentle sun and sweet smiles in this photo evokes a feeling of quiet calmness.

#1: A reading nook

What’s more peaceful and relaxing than a quiet space with a good book? This little boy from our CMAVIL site in Paraguay is enjoying the Open Center’s small library. Sponsored children and their siblings are able to go to the center after school for supervision, homework help, reading, games, and snacks!

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