Connecting with your sponsored child

Each year, Chalice sponsored children and elders sit down to write a letter to their sponsor. Whether gathered around a big table at the sponsor site, at their desk in school, at home, or outside on a bench, they are all eager to tell their sponsor what has happened in the past year. Parents, older siblings, or site workers help younger children with writing. Then, they get to their favourite part – drawing or colouring a beautiful picture!

After the letters are written, they have to be translated. Site workers also take an updated photo of each child and elder.

Easy and straightforward, right? Sure, but repeat that process more than 50,000 times, and don’t forget those children in rural villages that take hours to reach on questionable roads.

Then, gather all of these packages to send to the Chalice office in Canada, where staff organize everything, and our incredible volunteers spend weeks stuffing each envelope before they can be mailed to sponsors.

This incredible effort creates a tangible connection between you and your sponsored child or elder, and they are so excited at the opportunity to say thank you.

In this age of instant digital communications, there is something very special in a handwritten note and picture. In turn, sponsored children and elders love hearing back from their sponsors.

To send a card or letter to our sites, just send it to us with your own return address, and include your sponsored child’s code on your letter. The letter should not contain contact information such as your address, phone number, or email address. We will shred the outer envelope that your letter arrives in to ensure your privacy, and mail the correspondence to your child with our regular packages to the sites.

Correspondence can be mailed to: 101-26 Union Street, Bedford, NS, B4A 2B5.