Why sponsorship?

When you become a sponsor, you connect directly with a child and show them that their future matters. And the key to a bright future is education. Chalice sponsorship is focused on giving children all the support they need to attend and finish school – be that secondary, post-secondary, or vocational training.

Sponsored children each have unique experiences of poverty, depending on their community and family circumstances. That’s why our sponsorship model gives financial decision-making power to the people who know what the child needs best: their parents and guardians. Empowered with training and supported by staff, the parents get to choose how to spend or save sponsorship funds. They know what to do: they educate their children and uplift their whole family.

Chalice also supports the families with other building-blocks for success, including nutrition, community infrastructure, skills development, healthcare, water, sustainable agriculture, and small-business development.

Sponsorship benefits


Ensures children are able to attend and stay in school. 


Enables families to improve their nutrition, homes, and livelihoods.


Strengthens futures, families, and communities.


“Thanks to the Chalice sponsorship program, I could reach [the] support [I] needed which allowed me to become a nurse.”
“Chalice changed my life,” she asserts, “allowing me to complete my classical [grade school] studies and my university studies as well. I would not get that chance without Chalice.”
“I pray God to keep protecting you all, to give you strength and dedication to continue to help the neediest people.”
-Edvie, Chalice sponsored child
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A meaningful connection


We keep you updated

Each year you will receive an update, which includes a new photo, a letter from your sponsored child and a status report from a Field Worker.

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Receive a special Christmas letter

You will also receive a Christmas card along with a sponsor site update from the Site Director.

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You can write to your child/elder

They are so excited when they receive your letters.

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Send a gift of special money
Many sponsors like to send a little extra gift for special occasions, such as birthdays, Christmas, or Easter.
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Write to your Sponsored Friend
The children, elders, and their families are always excited to receive a letter from their sponsors! 
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