Khrystyna receives crucial physical therapies for her cerebral palsy

Khrystyna, from our Ternopil site in Ukraine, was born with cerebral palsy. Before sponsorship, her parents did everything to cover the therapies required to improve Khrystyna’s mobility.  Khrystyna lives with her father, Vasyl, and her mother, Oksana, who takes care of her daughter full-time. They all live in a tiny rented one-bedroom apartment.  

Raymark’s wheelchair is the gift of sunshine and socializing

Raymark loves going out in his neighbourhood of Laoang, the community base of our Samar sponsor site. When he can’t go out, his sister Racelyn often sees him socializing from afar.   “He is always excited to look at people while peeking at the window,” she describes.   Raymark was born with cerebral palsy which affected the …