Roman and his family repaired their house after a rocket explosion in Ukraine

Roman and his family of four live near Belarus. His father is seasonably employed and his mother, Larysa, takes care of the children. Last year, around July, the vulnerable family experienced a rocket explosion in their village– the damage to their home was devastating. The family is grateful to have survived.  

Ukraine Pochaiv Roman mom critical needs Home Repairs

Thanks to God’s protection, no one in the family was harmed, but their four-roomed house sustained significant damage. The ceilings and slate roof crumbled, the walls cracked, and shattered windows sat in broken frames.   

“It was shock and tragedy for us,” recalls Larysa. “We thank God very much that all of us are alive and healthy, but we were upset, as we did not have funds to repair the house damages.”   

The parents worried about the winter coming and having no funds to repair their home. Fortunately, the Pochaiv sponsor site reached out to Chalice supporters for assistance to rebuild their damaged property. Thanks to their generosity, the site could soon begin the repairs.   

“We are incredibly happy and grateful that Chalice… has managed to provide us with the financial assistance,” Larysa writes. “Thanks to your kind and sensitive hearts…we managed to purchase the windows, construction materials and plasterboard, plaster, whitewash paint, wallpapers, glue, skirting boards, aluminum, fixing parts, and other accessories.”    

The family worked alongside the contractors, repairing the ceiling, windows and the walls. It was slow and careful work, going room by room to ensure the new structure is strong and watertight.

“Now there are no cracks where the cold can penetrate,” Larysa reports with pride. “The windows, which were installed, are energy-saving ones. It will be warm in winter in our house and children will not get sick.”    

“There are not enough words to thank you for your help, warmth, and love that you granted our family with! You actually protected our lives for the cold season. We pray for you and for peace in our country and all over the world! ”    

Continue supporting vulnerable families, like Roman’s, through the Ukraine Regional Assistance!

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