Ninety families got access to heat in Ukraine

Most of the families of sponsored children in the Ternopil sponsor site in Ukraine live in rural areas. Staying warm is a challenge throughout the winter in these areas, and the war has made it worse. These homes are not connected to a gas line and therefor depend on firewood to cook meals and heat their homes during the seven-month long Ukrainian winter. Many houses in rural areas are equipped with old clay furnaces for heating.   

Businesses have closed or reduced hours, as a result of the war, leaving families in a precarious financial condition as their incomes have been dramatically decreased.  

This is true for Lidya and her family.  She notes that “because of the war in Ukraine, it’s extremely difficult to find a job. My husband and I don’t work.” Unfortunately, the government does not offer any assistance for those unemployed. There are families in the Site where sponsorship support is their only income.  

Adding to this, firewood consumption has increased sharply, and the price of food, medicine, transport, and other daily essentials have all dramatically increased. “To survive,” Lidya writes, “we work on a little farm and grow vegetables in the garden.”  

Chalice’s Ternopil Heating Assistance

Thanks to everyone who supported Chalice’s Ternopil Heating Assistance for Sponsored Families program, 90 families that were identified with the greatest need were helped. One of them was Lidya and Viktorya’s family, who were then able to brave the winter.   

“Thanks to you, we have purchased enough firewood to heat our house for the whole winter,” Lidya writes. “Thanks to you, we’ll keep warm and cozy in winter and our children will do their homework in a warm room.”  

“The assistance you’ve provided has been invaluable for our family. May the Lord bless you hundredfold and keep you safe!” 

If you would like to continue helping families in Ukraine, you can support them through our Ukraine Regional Assistance Fund.

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