Critical needs funding gives Andriy a healthy heart

Andriy is a 17-year-old student who dreams of becoming a computer engineer. He has faced many challenges in his young life; but, thanks to his sponsor, the generosity of Chalice supporters, and an Italian hospital, he is now in good health.  

Andriy was born with a life-threatening heart condition – his first heart surgery was at four months old. He recovered well and grew up normally, attending biannual check-ups to monitor his condition. When Andriy was seven, a new condition appeared: an aortic valve defect and subaortic stenosis (narrowing of the area under the aortic valve which obstructs blood flow to the heart). He underwent his second open-heart surgery when he was 12, in 2016.  

At that same time, Andriy’s cardiac surgeons forecasted that he would need an aortic valve replacement in five to six years. So, when Andriy had an ultrasound in June of 2022, his cardiologist was prepared for what she saw. His aortic valve insufficiency was progressing and was more pronounced; the condition had become life-threatening. The doctor recommended prompt surgery, but with the situation in Ukraine, surgery was a risk. Coming from a Catholic family, his mother never stopped praying for a miracle for her son’s heart. “We had searched for one [hospital] for a long time and hoped for salvation.” writes his mom, Lyubov.  

Their prayers were answered – a renowned children’s hospital in Italy agreed to do the surgery free of charge. “But the additional expenses including transportation, accommodation, foods, the required medical tests, were beyond our financial possibilities,” writes Lyubov.  

With hope in their prayers, generous Chalice donors stepped in to cover Andriy’s trip, through our critical needs fund.  

“Only owing to your donation, dear donor, our trip to Italy and the surgery has become real,” Lyubov writes. The surgery was long and complicated but resulted in success. Andriy is recovering well, restoring weight, and re-engaging with his online studies at the technical university.  

He’s very grateful for the support of his sponsor and the donors that helped him heal his heart and pursue his education.  

The Chalice Critical Needs Fund provides emergency relief to children and adults requiring surgeries and medical treatments. For our current critical needs donations go here. For our Ukraine Regional Assistance Fund click here.