Borehole well resolves water needs in Ghana

In Ghana, the dry seasons have been longer this year while the fertile rainy seasons have shortened. In rural northern Ghana where Bu Roman Catholic Primary School is located– which is attended by many sponsored students from our Nandom site. Due to its rural location, the school faces many challenges and access to water has …

Our top 5 ‘Ways to Celebrate’

This time, we’re sharing our top 5 ‘Ways to Celebrate’ Spring is here at last! The warmer months bring many reasons to celebrate and share gifts with our friends and loved ones. Chalice’s gift catalogue is your best place to find gifts for the baby showers, Baptisms, weddings, birthdays, and graduations you have on your …

A home for a family in need

A child and their family benefit through sponsorship in many ways. For instance, helping to restore a home. This was the case for Stephen’s family. Stephen is 79 years old and is the guardian of his two young grandchildren. They lived in a house without a proper floor, stable roof, or even a firm foundation …

A joyful reward after a bumpy journey in Kenya

When you “Join My Journey,” God transforms your life through love. In today’s featured journey, we learn about compassion, generosity, transformation, hope, and gratitude. This journey wouldn’t be possible without you, the Chalice community, and Chalice in Schools. Because of you, there is hope in our sites. 

Increasing the level of adult literacy in Kenya

The Mombasa site works in a community called Kikambala, which has a relatively high proportion of elderly men and women. These elders were kept from accessing basic education, and they are in turn unable to teach their children literacy skills. As a result, there are generations of low-literacy adults in their community.