Lunch is ready! Asembo students line up for warm lunch thanks to Chalice donors

A healthy lunch and a focused mind go hand in hand. Hungry students at our Asembo site, Kenya, find they cannot focus or remain alert in the classroom. Research shows struggling students are more likely to drop out of school. Many people can relate to the difficulty of thinking, listening, and concentrating when they are hungry. 

Kenya Asembo smile lunch school group plate eat nutrition

To set students up for success, a nutritious meal at lunch is a crucial part of an effective learning day. 

One of the main challenges the community faces is the increasingly variable and unpredictable rainy seasons. Most families rely on farms for their livelihood and their food supply. Erratic rains and crop failures are placing already vulnerable families in greater danger of food insecurity.  

The Franciscan Sisters of Lwak and local school staff have seen that children in pre-primary through grade three are the most vulnerable to malnutrition. If not addressed, malnourished children face long-term physical, cognitive, and psychological consequences.  

To combat malnutrition and high drop-out rates in the Asembo site, staff worked with Chalice to set up a nutrition program for children ages four to 12.  

Thanks to Chalice supporters, and the nutrition program, twice a week across three schools Chalice donors have helped serve 1,050 children a hot, nutritious lunch.  

This has benefitted 326 sponsored and 724 non-sponsored children by providing them with a bi-weekly nutritious meal, fuelling their education and providing the nutrients they need to succeed. The program also infuses them, and their parents, with the skills and knowledge to make prudent nutrition choices and build habits that will last throughout their whole lives. 

Every four months, the site serves an estimated 25,200 meals!  

Kenya Asembo smile lunch school group plate eat nutrition

The Asembo site’s nutritionist and field workers assess the children’s baseline nutrition status and academic performance level- then they continue to monitor their progress throughout the year.  

The site staff run training workshops for both children and parents on topics related to health and nutrition. Some of the topics include gardening, ‘nutrition-sensitive agriculture,’ hygiene, food preparation and preservation, water safety, and early detection of malnutrition.  

To ensure a comprehensive approach, the site also offers counselling for children who are struggling in their classes and visit the homes of any children who could benefit from extra support. 

Our new Ladles & Love monthly giving program is focused on filling more plates at lunch time and keeping children feeling full and fueled. You can be a part of lunch time and provide a warm meal for our students in Asembo by becoming a lunch buddy today. 

Fight hunger today: Learn more about becoming a Lunch Buddy! 

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