Plant kindness during this season of love, growth, and blooming.

Spring has sprung!

Spring is known for new beginnings; it is a wonderful time of year to brighten others’ lives after a long winter season. Chalice’s gift catalogue has gifts for all the milestones on your calendar such as baby showers, baptisms, weddings, birthdays, and graduations. There are so many great events to be celebrated, and Chalice is happy to be a part of them. 

Our catalogue holds heartfelt and thoughtful gifts. A child, mother, or family in our sites receives a gift they urgently need, leaving them with a sense of joyous and gratitude. As well, our loved one receives a beautiful card that tells them what you gave on their behalf. You will be spreading the love twice, near and far.  

We have exciting news to share with you… our 2024 spring gift catalogue is here! 

Here are some ideas on how to plant kindness this spring and summer: 

#5: Grow a life-long learner

Grow a life-long learner, gift catalogue chalice

Create a rich and fertile environment for children to grow and thrive. These gifts help students achieve their full potential and support the teachers devoted to getting them there. 

#4: Harvest potential on a farm

harvest potential on a farm, gift catalogue chalice

Perfect for the green thumb on your list, these supplies help schools and families grow their own food. Healthy, sustainable, and tasty! 

#3: Raise lively animals

Raise lively animals, gift catalogue chalice

Farm animals are a high-growth investment for a family and community. Eggs, wool, milk, and cheese provide both food and livelihood.   

#2: Plant strong roots

Plant strong roots, gift catalogue chalice

Start life out right for little ones and those who love and care for them. Regular checkups and robust nutrition give them a strong start. 

#1: Nurture health at home

Nurture health at home, gift catalogue chalice

Keep families fuelled with urgently needed groceries. Clean clothes and sanitary towels are gifts of dignity and confidence. 

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