Starehe girls’ bond with experiments…

There are no mad scientists here, only inspired students! 

Through Chalice’s School Connections program, a Canadian school contributed to big changes at their sister school in Nairobi Kenya. Starehe Girls’ Centre is a national boarding high school for gifted girls from disadvantaged families. The school enrollment has been steadily increasing over the past few years, although more children are continuing with their education, the school is struggling to keep up.  

Thanks to all the funds donated to Starehe Girls Centre, students received textbooks, laboratory equipment, and sanitary pads.  

A big need was textbooks and exercise books, which the girls run through quickly. Textbooks are great for studying and learning material, and still widely used around the world. Now, every student will have books they need, throughout their entire four years at school. 

The first thing they asked for was more lab equipment. “Laboratory equipment allows students to actually perform experiments rather than just read about them,” says Sr. Jane. Instead of boring old notes, the girls took on exciting science experiments. “Such hands-on learning often makes it easier to understand challenging theories and concepts,” she says.  

When a student is having fun, they are more likely to get interested in the subject and feel excited to keep learning. Hands-on learning is one of the most effective ways for students to retain knowledge and engage physically. 

The mixture of textbooks and lab experiments creates the perfect solution! 

They also received feminine hygiene products. Girls can have confidence and not have to miss out on classes, events, or sports activities. This helps with their attendance.  

Starehe offers the highest standard of education, for free. The school is only able to do this with the support of charities like Chalice. “Thank you once again for your kindness and support towards Starehe Girls’ Centre. It is a blessing to us, for having you in this noble cause of changing the lives of students.” These improvements have made a large impact, and it is just the start!  

Starehe continues to develop their school environment to provide a safer experience for their students. Water tap stations and food supplies are their next goal. You can help continue the impact. 

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