Rupali began dreaming big

Children are big dreamers; their imaginations soar with endless possibilities like becoming a superhero, doctor, or astronaut. For Rupali, her visions were cut short when she was younger, she didn’t think further than her family’s basic needs. However, when Rupali received sponsorship through Chalice, she began envisioning her future differently. 

Rupali grew up with her father and three brothers in impoverished conditions near Chalice’s site in Orissa, India. Growing up, they shared a one-bedroom house made of mud, with no running water or electricity.  

Her father worked as a daily labourer. Whatever he earned that day went straight to food and basic needs for the family. Rupali and her siblings were all in school, but her father was unable to purchase study materials for them. “My elder siblings suffered a lot because of poverty,” she says. 

Chalice’s Orissa sponsor site is led by the Sisters of the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul. The team could see that Rupali would be a great candidate for the program.  

Child sponsorship provides support to families, including proper nutrition, medical care, and educational materials. This assistance would improve Rupali’s quality of life and create hope for a better future. Things took a shift in the right direction when Rupali was sponsored. 

Now, she could think beyond today’s needs. She began to dream. 

“It was a blessing for me when Chalice started its precious work for poor families and children like ours,” she says, and “all needs were taken care of by Chalice. I feel Chalice is my second mother, and not only financial support but moral support also I got.” 

In India, some children leave school early to work and contribute to their family’s income. Thanks to her sponsor, Rupali was determined to continue with her education.  

“Chalice helped me to think of my future career, she says, “I dreamt of becoming a nurse and serving poor people,”  

After high school, Rupali studied nursing and midwifery in a three-year program. Now graduated, Rupali is doing her placement as a nurse. She cannot wait to start giving back to her family and community. 

“Now my family’s financial situation will improve much better than ever before,” she says, “Once I am established economically, I will help other poor children to come up in life like me.” 

Rupali is grateful for her sponsor and all the opportunities that sponsorship has provided her. “It is Chalice that brought me to this stage. I am extremely happy and extend my heartfelt gratitude to Chalice for fulfilling my dream,” she says. 

Sponsorship helps provide possibilities. It will bring a sense of joy and fulfillment knowing that you are making a positive change in their lives. You can be the reason another child dreams big. Click here to see who your new sponsor child could be!   

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