Chalice donors support a young boy’s surgery, after a serious fall from his bicycle

When 16-year-old Jayesh experienced a serious fall from his bike, Chalice donors helped him rise up through the Critical Needs Fund.  

Jayesh, who lives with his parents and older sister in India, was enjoying a bike ride not far from our Mangalagiri site when he unexpectedly hit a pothole and crashed to the ground. Jayesh knew from the pain that it was not a superficial injury.   

The young man had partially dislocated his right shoulder and fractured his clavicle (shoulder bone). Jayesh’s mother, Sarla, took him to the municipal hospital where he was admitted for two days.  

Jayesh had blood tests, an X-ray, and MRI as well as other diagnostic procedures. He was going to need surgery to stabilize the fracture and ensure its proper healing.   

The doctor’s assessment was sobering: “if it gets delayed, it may cause one side[d] paralysis,” he said.    

Jayesh and his family were worried. The teenager was concerned he would never be able to ride a bike, or even walk, again.  

The municipal hospital did not have the resources to help Jayesh. He was moved to a private hospital for the operation, which he underwent that same day.  

Sarla was anxious about the private treatment. The mother of two knew it was costly. Employed as a domestic worker – with her husband not having steady employment as a plumber – this sudden expense would be a heavy financial burden. But Jayesh needed the surgery, so the choice was clear.    

Sarla asked her friends and extended family to help her pay for her son’s medical expenses. However, even with such support, this amount would be unmanageable to repay, especially while still covering daily needs and rent.  

The Mangalagiri site staff put forward a Critical Needs request on behalf of Jayesh’s family. Thanks to generous Chalice supporters, Sarla was able to cover her son’s emergency expenses!  

“My family members and I are grateful and express our sincere, heartfelt thanks to the Chalice sponsorship program to get this great support through the critical needs [fund],” she said.  

Jayesh also feels blessed by the love, generosity, and kindness of Chalice donors. He has healed successfully and is now going to college.  

You too can help provide urgent care to others who desperately need to undergo life-saving surgery. Make a difference and support others, like Jayesh, in getting back on their feet. 

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