Jorge’s leadership skills triumphs

Strong values, emotional awareness, and leadership abilities are developing in a young child Jorge. Thanks to the Grow program offered in our Chiclayo site, Jorge participated in the “Regional Assembly of Children and Adolescents.

Jorge is from Peru and comes from a humble family, but with leadership gifts. He is part of the Chiclayo site’s “GROW” Program which is a “Teen Network” of sixty young children aged 12-15. The Network creates opportunities for youth to form leadership abilities, engage in community development projects, care for the environment, and learn new skills Including giving extra help with the teens’ schoolwork in reading and math. Jorge loves being part of the Network as he is developing his talents and abilities which helps to improve his school performance. 

His improvements paid off when the “Regional Assembly of Children and Adolescents”, asked Jorge to present his achievements.  

“I am happy to have been part, with my friends, in the “Asamblea ” Jorge says. They showed a video about painting a mural and shared what they had learned in the areas of mental health and violence prevention.  

Jorge is proud of his presentation and the achievements of his fellow GROW participants. “I am very happy to be part of the Chiclayo site,” he says.   

“I am very grateful to my sponsors from Chalice who are always supporting me and my family.” 

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